The Russian Apocalypse-Metro 2033

So today I decided to pick up Metro 2033 for the 360. I have heard excellent things and been told it's story is spectacular. I am currently an hour and a half into the game and I am amazed. The creativity of the story, the characters are interesting and it keeps you on the edge. Hopefully the rest of the game keeps this amazing pace. 
What are your thoughts on Metro 2033?


Ahh girls...

Y'know the feeling when you like a girl but she never notices you? Yeah, happens to me all the time. I spend some time trying to be friends, getting to know her, but all she ends up doing is ignoring me around her friends because she doesn't think I'm "cool" enough for her friends. You see, I am a pretty good looking guy if I must say so myself, so I don't really know what goes wrong. What really ticks me off though, is the girls I end up being friends with, are the ones that like me. I have nothing but respect for them and I don't hit on them due to the fact that most have boyfriends. But one in particular in my chemistry class, tells me everything! She grabs my arm, goes out for lunch with me, introduced me to her family. What is the problem then, you may ask. I don't like her like that. On a side note, I always screw things up with a girl because I always wait to long or go for a girl who flirts a lot and mistake it with actually liking me. Love is a mystery I have yet to solve. 
'Till next time my friends!