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Prepare yourself for Hulk's return and Banner's rise. 11

Alright, let's get it out of the way. It's pretty obvious at this point that I completely adore Mark Waid's work. He's written some of my favourite material and he's been critically acclaimed several times for a variety of his work so it's not just my inner fanboy talking here. Well actually... it is, but that's not the point. After a somewhat disappointing run of the Incredible Hulk, Jason Aaron steps down and hands over the title to Mark Waid.One of the biggest changes to the Hulk and the seri...

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Believe it or not, things are finally changing. 0

Dan Slott's run on Spider-Man as of late has been no less than thrilling, fantastic, and game-changing for everyone's favourite wall-crawler. But it's not until this issue where things finally do change and wow, do things ever take a turn for the worse.Starting off on a positive note, Dan Slott begins his prelude to the biggest even in Spider-Man history with quite some flair. Peter's life has never been a consistant one. He's always been stuck with money problems, girl problems, landing an apar...

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One of the best and most underrated issues I've ever read 6

With a spectacular focus on Captain America's goofy past attempt at comics and strong, emotional similarilty between him and Spider-man, Avenging Spiderman #5 stands out to be the single best solo issue I've read all year.The Good:What isn't good about this issue? The writing is absolutely top notch, the art is absolutely fantastic and the characters have never been written better. How can anyone not be absolutely blown away by this fantastic issue. it begins with a reading of one of Cap's old c...

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A fresh new start 0

Superman starts off a new arc with a brand new creative team that breaths new life into Superman.The Good:After the less than appealing first arc by George Perez, Dan Jurgens takes over the writing responsibilities of Superman for the New 52 with Keith Griffin and Jesus Merino handling the art. Jurgens smartly chose not to continue this issue anywhere in relation to the previous arc and as comes a new creative team, truly this is a new start for the Man of Steel in the New 52. Superman still is ...

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A spectacular start to "Ends of the Earth" 2

Dan Slott begins his first issue of the new End's of the Earth event with a bang!The Good:Man oh man! Slott has definitely brought Spidey up to a new level since he began writing for him. The issue starts off with a bang introducing some of Spiderman's "new" tech that he kinda ripped off one of his most popular villains. It's a treat to see how Spiderman can develop all of this tech and shows how brilliant he truly is given the time and resources to do so. Doc Ock is on the verge of death and hi...

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Style over any substance from Johns 0

The Justice League is now brought to the present and we have guest artist Gene Ha step in for Jim Lee.The Good:With the team now established and everything brought into the present, that means less time introducing each character and a little more time on story development. We have a little bit of both in this issue with the introduction of a new villain posing a minor threat and a focus on Steve Trevor this time around. The new focus on Trevor is a refreshing one and his "relationship" with Dia...

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A darker side to Mera... 5

Johns finishes off his first arc with Aquaman by taking a complete focus on Mera instead of the title character himself.The Good:Aquaman has been a series so far that has impressed to a degree where I've taken a completely new interest into the character. I credit Geoff Johns of course for his excellent writing and for revolutionizing Aquaman for a new era and a different audience. In this issue, Johns puts a bigger focus on Mera and introduces us to a past that she has long hoped to be forgotte...

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A surprisingly good conclusion 10

The conclusion to George Perez's first story arc on the Man of Steel is a surprisingly refreshing end to a generally unfavoured run on a modern day take of Superman.The Good:Since the beginning of this arc I was hoping for an issue where George Perez would finally bring out the best of this "re-invented" Superman. To my dismay and many others, he failed to do so for the first 5 issues. Surprisingly enough, he concluded his story arc an succeeded in tying up any loose ends and mysteries that he c...

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