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Favourite characters from Marvel and DC :D

I think it's about time the people of the VIne know who my favourite characters are. Hope you enjoy!

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  • With Great power comes Great responsibility. Words to live by and spoken by a true hero who inspired one of the greats.

  • One of, if not the most influential characters of all time and the original superhero to which everyone else looks up to. He's a shining beacon of hope, courage and potential.

  • Who doesn't like Batman? He accomplishes feats that even his super-powered brethren marvel at.

  • Man without fear. 'Nuff said.

  • One of the most under appreciated, underrated of all time.

  • The mysterious, calculating, and most dangerous mutant alive. His life is a painful one that few can relate to and dreads it every waking moment.

  • Not to say that John outshines Hal, but he grew on me through the years and was inspired by the Justice League animated show.

  • The ever-loving blue-eyed Thing. The heart and soul of the Fantastic Four and one of the best and most interesting bricks in all of Marvel.

  • The symbol of America, the hope for the people and the Super Soldier who never stops. Steve Rogers is the man out of time who everyone aspires to be.

  • Rage incarnate, the beast without control but also the man who is most misunderstood. Taking on duel personalities and fighting to win the trust of the world while simply appearing as a monster to all.

  • The first son of Bruce Wayne and the most recognized of all the Robin's. Raised through a tough childhood after the death of his parents to become one of the most recognized and well respected heroes.

  • The God of Thunder. Never liked the character until JMS took over in '07 and for the better. Recreating him into a relatable character with human elements that allow him to relate to the people he swears to protect.

  • The humour and sense of power. Perfect mix

  • Calculating, mentally unstable, and malicious. A few words to describe Eddie Brock.