Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Movies

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  • BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE EVER! From all the best characters, to the *massive* surprises, to the beginnings on a brand-new adventures into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this movie takes the cake as number 1!

  • Used to be favorite . . . Sorry, no longer. However, still a fantastic movie, bringing together so many great characters for the first time that is owed MUCH tribute, and is, quite obviously, a MUST SEE.

  • While the 2008 version of the Punisher was good, it does not hold a candle to the 2004 Thomas Jane film, which was emotional, dark, and action-packed, starring John Travolta as Howard Saint, the killer of the Punisher's family, who is in for a rude awakening in this astonishing movie.

  • What I loved the most about this film was how unconventional it was. Rather than ending in a big battle scene, the movie ended in a rather comical and unusual way, that also displayed Strange's amazing capabilities. It is very, very important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a must-see.

  • I love Captain America and this film most certainly represented this great hero. Chris Evans played the role of Captain America amazingly and was a true inspiration.

  • An amazing follow-up to probably the greatest superhero film of all time, this movie was almost as great. It was full of great action, humor, and even some newcomers that all added up to one heck of a movie!

  • This follow-up to the first Captain America film was almost as impressive. With great action scenes and the introduction of Falcon, this movie is certainly as must-see.

  • The first installment of the X-Men series, this movie kick-started a bunch of great films, but none greater than this, starring Hugh Jackman as the role of Wolverine, which is indubitably his now and forever.

  • The second X-Men film, a continuation of the first, was also very good, bringing in new characters such as Colossus, Nightcrawler, and more.