About Me

I figured I would make a short blog post about myself. 
I initially came to this site for the Battles forum, but since then I have come to appreciate all that Comic Vine has to offer. 
I'm a fan of: Star Wars (notably Windu, other Jedi, the Fetts and Mandalorians), Green Lantern, DC Comics, Predator, Some Marvel Heroes (Captain America and Gambit primarily), and various videogames. I'm certainly not the most knowledgable person in these areas on the Vine, but being a fan, they are things I have some knowledge about. I would say I know more about Star Wars than the average Viner, but like I said before I don't claim to know the most. 
I look forward to learning more about comics and characters as time goes on. 
On a personal level I'm going to college for criminal justice, and I'm looking to get into law enforcement once I graduate. Also I'm a firearm enthusiast, and I know a decent amount about different guns which may come up in the battle forums. 
I'm just here for fun, not to get in fights or hurt feelings. Civility goes a long way.