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When Will Aqualad Change His Hair?

  Ever since he was created for the new hit series Young Justice, Aqualad made an earlier appearance in Brightest Day. Despite the fact the he is the new sidekick to the newly resurrected Aquaman and the son of Black Manta I notice that he has not done a damn thing about his hair. Since his first appearance, the new Aqualad has been commented as Milestone hero Static:

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Brightest Day #10
Brightest Day #10


How the hell will we see the Aqualad we come to know in the cartoon show? Will he cut his hair and dye it to match his mentor's (Aquaman)? What do you think?
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Could Frank Miller Work On The Green Hornet?

 Everyone here knows that FRANK MILLER was a genius for writing DAREDEVIL, RONIN, BATMAN - The DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, BATMAN - YEAR ONE, SIN CITY, and 300, and also kinda screwed things up with other comics and films like BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, ROBOCOP2 & 3 (not to mention his comic on ROBOCOP), ALL-Star BATMAN & Robin, and worst of all THE SPIRIT film. Lately my friend told me that Miller's next project would on DICK TRACY (leave it alone you prick, I still like the 1990's film), and later told me something that could change everything about CRIME STORIES.
 My friend decided to read KEVIN SMITH'S GREEN HORNET, which I will soon read when I get the chance, after telling me that was based on script that was never produced as a motion picture (much like MILLER did for his ROBOCOP comic - which was cut into TWO movies). He went on saying the SMITH gave the GH a worthy adversary  (THE BLACK HORNET) because the overview about Green Hornet and Kato is that they lacked enemies, other than taking on gangs and crimelords (kinda like BATMAN or DAREDEVIL). Then he said something that I never thought possible, "I think that FRANK MILLER could a great job with THE GREEN HORNET." As I said, "HELL NO", then I quickly thought that their could be possibilities - especially for INSANE cover art (*CHECK OUT the alternate cover of Kevin Smith's GREEN HORNET #3 - how KATO was drawn ALMOST looks like something of MILLER'S design).
Think of this for a second: FRANK MILLER and KEVIN SMITH were successes for DAREDEVIL and BATMAN - with their stories of crime and the nature of grim and gritty. When Smith's HORNET series is OVER, what will become of the future (and it's spin-offs and other books from DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT: KATO, GH Year One, Kato Origins, GH Strikes, and now GH - Blood TIES)?
Should MILLER work on the GREEN HORNET, I have a few SUGGESTIONS:
1 - DO NOT RUIN IT LIKE YOU RUINED THE SPIRIT movie! (I'm still pissed)
2 - Give GREEN HORNET and KATO some SUPPORTING CHARACTERS and a bt of a ROUGES GALLERY because THEY NEED ONE....BIG TIME! SERIOUSLY. (WITH SMITH'S Hornet he created some offspring, love interests, relatives, and friends.Gangsters/criminals, crimelords, and assassins are okay, but there needs to more challenging adversaries, like BATMAN).
3 - Do it as if you were re-living your writing experiences on DAREDEVIL in the late 70's and early 80's because you TURNED him to a popular and influential part of the Marvel Universe.
4 - DO NOT go crazy with a DYSUTOPIAN FUTURE (should you ever have one for the GREEN HORNET) like you did in RONIN and DARK KNIGHT RETURNS (which worked perfectly in those books. ). DON'T ALSO GO TOO CRAZY WITH IT LIKE YOU DID IN THE ROBOCOP films.
5 - EXAMINE some stories of the GREEN HORNET (mostly likely from DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT and NOW, as well as the TV SHOW and movies) to build the PERFECT Green Hornet universe. 
6 - IF you decided to be THE ARTIST AS WELL AS THE WRITER, find SOMEBODY ELSE to be the ARTIST before you decide to be a ONE-MAN-SHOW.

I know it seems like I a bone to pick with FRANK MILLER, but I am just expressing my thoughts. What do you think? Could Frank Miller write a GREEN HORNET story, if he wanted to or not?