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Real Blood 0

I LOVED X-23 #10, but then again the writer was Marjorie Liu, so I was kind of expecting to. She and Sana Takeda deliver an impressive issue as the start of a new arc.   SPOILER WARNING > > > > > > > > > > X-23 and Gambit are in Paris, and Laura is cutting herself again, presumably traumitized by the events of the Daken crossover. Gambit tries to celebrate her birthday in an attempt to normalize her life a bit, but she doesn't take to it well. She later wounds Gambi...

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What gets you in the end... 0

The Wolverine and Jubilee mini-series concluded with issue #4, which had a few interesting twists.   SPOILER WARNING >>>>>>>>>> > > Jubilee is looking for a way out of the interdimensional prison she's being held in, and is able to talk to Wolverine across dimensional boundaries thanks to the mystical amulet she is wearing. She encounters an old man not unlike the zombie Logan killed in the last issue, and she starts to demand answers from him when the "boss" ...

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Down the Rabbit Hole 0

The online previews for this issue have been out for a while now, and I have to admit that they looked much better that those for issue #2.    SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. The sinister vampire woman from issue #1 has Jubilee in her clutches, and wants something from Logan. Logan's not interested in playing games, but when he threatens to kill the woman Jubilee asks that he do the same to her, wearily stating that she is tired of relying on a treatment that makes her cra...

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The Shock Of The New 0

This issue is part 2 of a 4-part miniseries dealing with the aftermath of Jubilee’s transformation into a vampire at the hands of Dracula’s son, Xarus.   Issue #1 of this miniseries was, quite simply, terrific. One of the best comic books I’d read in quite a while, and centered around one of my favorite characters and the harrowing new reality she faces.   Caution: spoilers follow. > >  > > > Still here? > >  > > > Ok then. > >  > > > When I rea...

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Fractured 2

The last couple of issues in the New Warriors series have picked up the pace of the title quite nicely, and issue #12 is no exception.Half of the team are trapped and on the run inside the tunnels of Machinesmith's lair. Even worse, they've discovered that the villain is capable of siphoning off the powers from their tech suits. Powerless and desperate, they try to come up with a plan to escape. Meanwhile, the other half of the team are angry with Night Thrasher for making the decision to abando...

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Divisions and Decisions 0

New Warriors #11 begins with a peek at some old, familiar faces (and some hints of what's to come), and ends with a desperate fight for survival.We open with the old New Warriors team discussing their new counterparts - and trying to decide what's to be done about them. We quickly learn that, even amongst the veterans, there are deep divisions when it comes to superhero registration. (It's also in this scene that we see the Initiative/Nazi reference that seems to be causing a bit of a stir.)Spea...

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The Growing Darkness 1

I must say, I really liked this issue. Kevin Grevioux and Paco Medina continue to deliver solid work. The only unsettling thing about this issue for me was the way Wondra (Jubilee) was portrayed in it. It's almost as if she's somehow developed a mile-wide mean streak between the last issue and this one, and it's a bit disturbing. Night Thrasher finally agrees to give the team an explanation for his neglect and frequent dissapearances, but the reasons he gave were flimsy at best. Jubilee (who is ...

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New Warriors - Stepping Up 2

AWESOME issue. Kevin Grevioux and Paco Medina deliver BIG time with this one!From the opening battle sequence, to the deep, heartfelt conversation between Jubilee and Jono (fans of the old Generation X title, like myself, will absolutely LOVE this part), and Night Thrasher's attempt to draw Kaz into his seemingly dark and sinister plans to control the team for his own purposes, New Warriors #9 captivates from cover to cover.Several points stand out in this issue: Jubilee is proving to be a highl...

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