My First Post, Simply to Complete a Quest

So, I may actually keep up on this somewhat, but if not, I apologize.

I've never been a huge reader of comic books. I had read a few throughout the years, but never really took them seriously. However, the art was always captivating. I would try to draw some of the pictures from time to time and had moderate success. I was 26 when I attended my first ComiCon in Chicago. I spent almost the entire time wandering in Artist Alley just looking and talking with the artists. I was absolutely enthralled. That started my journey in trying to seriously draw Comic style. I've spent the last five and a half years trying to teach myself. I've gotten a lot better in some regards, but I'm still woefully inadequate in many others. Feel free to check out my work in my images on here. And don't be shy, I appreciate any comments or critique, even if you have no tact and come across as a jerk.

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