Memorable Writers and My Opinions of Them

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  • The man is a literary genius, but a confusing one. His work is best read as one collective whole. With Grant Morrison though the real thing you need to watch out for is is fans.

  • A hit or miss writer that often attempts to use her books as a cultural statement. This is not a bad thing though, because Gail has done a lot of good with her books. Most of the time though her works are either good or really bad.

  • The writer that goes no where, but for some reason still entertains. His books often tend to touch on various themes, but that's all they do is just touch on them. He never really does much with them, and more often than not we are left with a somewhat mediocre story.

  • The writer with good concepts, but a poor execution of them. This is the writer that got me into comics with his "Under the Hood" title. Most of his books start out strong, but fizzle out in the end, and sometimes he will pull something so outlandish that it will make you toss the Winick wrote comic as far away from you as you can.

  • A great writer with often decent results. Love him or hate him Geoff is just a decent writer. His books start strong and about mid way they hit a plateau where they never really go much higher. Occasionally though he can surprise you.

  • A writer with a talent for telling stories, and a habit of putting as many words on a page as possible. Scott is a really good writer who tells fantastic stories that more often than not can blow your mind. Sometimes though he'll pull something that can leave you scratching your head.

  • A great writer that never fails to entertain. Okay I'll admit it that I may be a little bias here because I do consider myself a Dan Slott fan, but this is the writer that keeps me coming back to Spider-man each month. As a writer he writes well written tales, and he often ends each of his issues with cliffhangers that will keep you coming back for more. Some of these cliff hangers are so mind blowing that it will cause you go back to previous issues just to see how that certain event came about. If there was one thing that Dan Slott does somewhat wrong its that his concepts don't exactly sound that interesting, and some of his sub-plots can be a little distracting, but overall he never fails to deliver an "Amazing" tale.

  • The initial sales writer. This is the guy that created Harley Quinn, so that's saying something. Dini is a fantastic writer who creates these magnificent stories, and he is best known for his work in animation and video games (Batman Arkham Asylum/City). When it comes to comics though he never stays on one book very long, and that is unfortunate. People flock to his books each time they come out for the four to five months he is on the book. When Dini is writing a book though try not to miss out, or you will be missing out on quite a treat.