Wonder Woman: The Man from Outer Space (Part 2)

It's been awhile since I have posted anything on this story, but this is the follow up of the initial chapter which I had published a couple months back. Originally I had decided to re-write this due to some "issues" I had, but I see now that it's probably not going to get done, and I'm going to go ahead and put this out here. If you haven't read it you can catch up on what happened previously here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/wonder-woman-the-man-from-space-part-one/682332/ or here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8348588/1/Wonder-Woman-The-Man-From-Outer-Space. Now onto the story.

Chapter II

The swelling had finally started to go down, and her jaw only retained a fraction of its soreness. The alien being known as Xyber had returned with them to the city and for a time remained in the temple where he was kept under guard by order of Diana’s mother, the Queen. Since then Diana had managed to acquire a room for their guest.

After her first contact with Xyber she was curious to learn more about him, but she had been unable to speak with him. When she had seen the visions a part of her own psyche had rubbed off on him, allowing him to speak some conversational English. After the battle, and a short period of rest Diana was called away by Batman to join with the Justice League on a mission. Everyone in the league was curious about what had happened to her face, and Diana was reluctant to tell the story. Not because she wished to keep information about Xyber hidden, but because for an Amazon being dealt such an insulting lingering injury such as a black eye was a bit embarrassing. It gave the bad guys – and some of the good – too much to talk about in her opinion.

She had only told one leaguer about Xyber. Superman, being a kryptonian, was the only one she really trusted to help her deal with the situation. She could have asked Hal, but something didn’t bode well with her about that. He was a good man, but he tended to jump into action a little faster than anyone else. Kal might be able to advise her a little better, and perhaps even help her if things with Xyber got out of hand.

Now Diana had returned to her home on Themyscira, and took a long soak in her bath to relax. She was to meet with Xyber soon, so she dressed in more casual attire than her usual battle cuirass. She wore a casual Amazonian designed white dress that she loved to wear during her times of reprieve, and held her hair back with one of her favorite clips. During her absence those who had been guarding his room said that he had not bothered anyone during her absence, and he only had left his room to visit the library a couple of times, each time returning with a large stack of books. Diana was curious as to what he had been doing, but she also wanted to ask him about the visions she had. Why had he been in shackles?

When she finished fixing her herself up and felt that she was presentable, she stood from her vanity and left her room. It was later at night, and the long corridor was lit by a by torches and the moonlight that shined in through the large windows built into the side of the structure.

She reached the room that Xyber rested in. It was flanked by two guards.

“Good evening, Princess. Can we assist you?” One of the guards said.

“I would like to speak with our guest alone.”

“Of course Princess Diana.” The guard opened the door, and Diana entered. It was a standard guest room with a simple bed and a bath. There was also a balcony that looked out across Themyscira. Xyber was seated at a small table that had been piled high with books.

“Hello Princess Diana.” Xyber said not looking up from his book, “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit.”

“I haven’t had a chance to speak to you since that day on the beach.” Diana said as she took a seat on the edge of the bed, “I had a few questions for you if you don’t mind answering.”

“Sure.” Xyber replied, but he did not turn around. Diana was a little annoyed by this and preferred looking in the eyes of those she was speaking too, and not their backs.

“Would you mind turning around so I can see you face. It’s rude to have your back to someone when you're speaking with them.” Diana said matter of factly. Xyber closed his book, and stood from his chair. When he turned to face her she finally got a good look at the man who had saved her life on the beach. He was handsome at least by her standards. Fair features, His hair was somewhat tangled and knotted, and it was long enough that it fell at the base of his neck. His glowing violet eyes though spoke of intimidation. Not of him, but for whoever looked into them. Diana thought that if he cleaned up a little he could be a very handsome man, yet his facial expression spoke of weariness and trepidation.

Diana noticed as well that his armor had changed. Though still elegant in appearance, some parts of it were missing. The hands and biceps were exposed as well as part of the thigh on both legs. A translucent cape had extended from the armor shoulders and draped across Xyber’s back. It was so clear that Diana questioned if it was really there.

“I see you’ve changed your armor. Are you able to retract it?”

“Yes.” Xyber answered looking her straight in the eye, “The…armor, you speak of is actually a…synthetic…I think that’s the right word, covering that adapts to our situation. What you see now is a state of dress that one would take in the presence of a leader. My armor seems to have recognized your position of royalty.”

“Are you able to completely remove it? Like retract it completely?” Diana asked. She had not given any real thought of what she was asking.

“That…that would be ill advised. I have read many of your books. Are you saying you wish to mate with me?” Diana suddenly turned a bright red. She had underestimated just how much Xyber had learned in his absence.

“No! No! I’m not saying that at all. As a matter of fact let’s change the subject.”

“Of course, I’m sorry if I have caused you some sort of distress.”

“It’s not your fault. Just sometimes I speak before I think when I’m curious about something.”

“I understand, besides I could not mate with you anyway. You see, I am promised to another, and it is a bond that I will honor for as long as I remain alive.” For a split second Diana caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a smile or at least a flicker in Xyber’s stern expression. She could tell that whoever it was, he was deeply in love with them.

“They sound lucky to have such affection from you. Anyway, getting around to what I was going to ask. When I touched you on the beach I had visions. I think they were of you. You were in shackles, and surrounded by a crowd chanting something. Did you commit some sort of crime?”

“Execute him.” Xyber said. Diana did not think his expression could grow any grimmer, but as soon as those words escaped his lips she seen just how wrong such thoughts were. “They were calling for my execution. The ship that you found me in was a prisoner execution vessel. We were heading for your systems sun where we would have been consumed.” Diana was a little shocked to hear this, and suddenly was a bit on her guard. She didn’t like the idea of being unarmed while near a prisoner, regardless if he was an earthling or not.

“What…what were they executing you for?” Diana asked afraid of what the answer might be.

“After reading your books, I have learned many curious things. You earthlings have many words that carry the same meaning. I suppose you humans would call my ever so treasonous act: libel.”

“Libel!?” Diana was once again shocked. She had never heard of such a harsh punishment for the crime about lying in print. It was so ridiculous that it couldn’t be true. “If you expect me to believe they were trying to execute you for libel, you must think me a fool.”

“Do not assume you know what is common in Xandarian culture.”

“Xandarian Culture?” Diana paused, figuring that had something to do with where he was from. “What is that?”

“I come from the planet Xandar, or at least that’s where I was born. The Xandarian have colonized on many worlds. We are a warrior race much like you and your Amazons; however, I envy your…dedication to peace. To a Xandarian to die young on the battlefield is the greatest of honor, but back to the matter of my verdict being execution for the treasonous crime of libel. Rarely does one speak out against what a commander does, and I had done just that. I accused a general of sabotaging the equipment of the soldiers under his command for currency and other lavish luxuries, and for trading our own men and women into slavery. I accused him of selling them straight from their beds in the med camps and we were all meant to believe they had simply perished in the night. I called him out for this, but I had no proof. I was seen as a joke, and immediately dealt with. They accused me of treason, and I had nothing to give credit to my name.”

“Did you lie about your commander?” Diana asked. Xyber paused for a moment then he let go of a small sigh.

“I did not like the General, and my information came from a source that I had believed to be valid. It would seem I was wrong. When the verdict was given, the sentence was to have my flesh melted from my very bones by the burning flames of a star, I was a broken man. I had no reason left to fight. So I accepted my fate.”

“And then you crashed here.” Diana said, bringing Xyber's story into full circle. Xyber simply nodded in reply.

“So what now?”

“Remember how I said for a Xandarian to die young on the battlefield was a great honor?” Xyber asked, and Diana nodded. “I never…” Xyber paused, once again seeming to be searching for his words, “believed that. I had been given such a lowly ranking of Chronicler, and since it is only my duty to report on the facts and statistics of our battles I ran into very little resistance in the way of combat. A Chronicler is the one service that has the longest life expectancy. As a result any chronicler is looked down upon, their service being considered by most to be a mark of shame. Most despise the position. I embraced it, and fought against the idea. I discovered in time that life brought knowledge and experiences than cannot be appreciated by the short lived. I discovered that in death, there is only death. So as you can imagine, I never had much flair for the valiant death. Until I ended up here in the pleasure of your company, I knew my life was over. I see this as a second chance at life, and I intend to take full advantage of it.”

Diana smiled. Xyber was clearly to her an individual who deserved what he desired most. A second chance at life, for when he saved her from the monster on the beach, he had given her a second chance.

“Listen, I have some connections, and I might be able to find you a place here. Maybe not on Themyscira, but most definitely somewhere on Earth.” Diana offered.

“I would highly appreciate that princess.” Xyber replied not hesitating for a single moment.

“Great, I’ll find out something as soon as I can. Also, it’s getting late and I’m sure you’re tired. Perhaps we can talk again sometime soon?”

“I would like that.” He replied with the first smile that she had ever seen escape from the alien man’s lips. Diana smiled back and stood to leave. As she was walking out the door a thought occurred to her.

“Oh Xyber,” Diana called to him, and the alien man turned to face her, “You said you were promised to another. Do you think you would ever get to see her again?” Xyber’s face suddenly shifted to a frown.

“My Xal, or fiancé as you would say, is a true Xandarian. Since her promised one was convicted of treason against his clan protocol would dictate that she be executed as well.” Xandar’s answer had stunned Diana. She didn’t have a clue what to say. There was nothing she could say to comfort such a wound.

“Xyber, I…I am so sorry.”

“Do not worry, Princess Diana. My Xal was a true Xandarian. She would not have gone down without a fight. In dying young she will be honored amongst those in her clan.” Xyber spoke with a solemn tone. Diana could easily tell that he had struggled to say those last few words. His culture would not allow him to feel loss. Diana couldn’t help, but feel the deepest sorrow. “Forgive me Princess, but as you said I am tired, and I would like to rest.”

“Of course.” Diana said softly, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Princess, your company is appreciated.” Xyber said. Diana gave a small smile and exited the room. As she walked back to her room, she could not help feeling overcome with dread. Even the moonlight, which was normally beautiful in the way it shined against Amazonian architecture, gave her no since of peace. Her sprit was troubled for Xyber, who she knew she would never be able to truly repay for saving her life that day on the beach. Xyber would forever be at war in his mind and heart. She would never be able to bring him peace.

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