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Rehashed Ruins a Good Story 0

The Batman, the real one, is back.  We all wanted him back I'm sure.  Dick Grayson's run as Batman has been lack luster at best and pandering at worst.   And it's nice to think that Batman will once again be portrayed Bruce Wayne; but then the climax comes, and all hope is lost. Spoilers contained below:  Bruce Wayne makes Batman Incorporated after revealing the to the media that the money behind Batman is from him.  Granted he doesn't reveal he  is Batman as some had speculated but that's not w...

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Wolverine's Story Continues 0

Wolverine continues his journey through Hell as his body continues it's rampage through everyone he ever loved. I have to admit I am surprised I actually like this. I felt like after the whole Romulus story-arch exploration of Wolverine's psyche and history was pretty much done. But I do like this look through all those Wolverine has ended. And hey look Wolverine's girlfriend, I remember her, sort of. Actually lets touch on that briefly, the introduced this girlfriend for Wolverine who was tota...

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Guess who's Back? 0

As a huge Craig Kyle and Chris Yost fan I didn't think that X-Force could survive without them at the helm.  Heck I'm still not sure X-23 can survive without them at the helm of her character.  But I was glad to be pleasently surprised by Rick Remender and the art of Jerome Opena.    Uncanny X-Force reminds me of a simpler time when Chris Claremont took over a book called "X-Men"  and made it "Uncanny."  All of the elements are here, good writing, a good mix of characters, great art and a single...

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SURPISE! Crossover! 0

When I picked up Chaos War #1 I assumed it was going to be another throw away mini-series like Marvel has been doing lately.  Boy, I was really wrong there especially after I saw the check list immediately before the actual meat of the comic.  My first thought was "Oh no, not again."  Let's face it both Marvel and DC have been cross-over heavy lately.  Between Sinestro Corps, Blackest Knight, Dark Reign, Siege and Age of Heroes/Brightest Day it's been a "buy all our comics or don't get the whole...

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An Interesting Retake 0

To be honest, I'm not a huge Superman fan.  Often I find him to be too bland or to invincible for my tastes.  I love nearly all the movies made, even watched the old TV show on Nick-at-Night when I was a kid.  I religiously watched Lois and Clark, read the Death of Superman more times than I can count and love him in Kingdom Come.  But overall I always see him in that Golden Age "I can't be hurt unless the writers come up with a way" mentality.    This review is about the whole series since I'm ...

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A Deadpool Title to Read 0

Okay after I tore apart Deadpool MAX I felt like I should establish that I am indeed a Deadpool fan.  And Deadpool Pulp has been a perfect example of everything I love about Deadpool.  It's not about the humor, the 4th wall, or even the yellow subtitles.  Honestly when the character was introduced he didn't even have the healing factor we all know and love (check the first bunch of issues of X-Force, he references his jaw being wired shut for a month) or the yellow subtitles (his text was origna...

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