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Time for the DCnU to Bring Back Mongul


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I chose Mongul II for a number of reasons

1. I didnt think he needed to or wanted him to be recreated

2. Current events leave an opening for him to come back

3. i would like to see him as a villain in the Action Comics series

4. With the current opening for his return he could come back more powerful and ruthless hen ever

Mongul was a force to be reckoned with. His strength was on par with or above Superman with the evil and destruction that is Darkseid. For those of you who don't know who Mongul is, he is a vicious conqueror of worlds that is only out for destruction and death. Born of the planet Debstam IV. His father (by the same name) was a tyrant ruler that slaughtered the worlds population (depending on which story you go by, others say he was cast out and they were slaughtered by a more villainous tyrant with them begging Mongul to return only to leave them to their choices and fate).

In his early incarnations during the Bronze Age Mongul was written as physically more powerful than Superman and as almost totally invulnerable to harm. In addition, Mongul demonstrated the ability to teleport, limited telepathy and could project blasts of potent force via his eyes or hands. The character also used technology to shrink his enemies and place them in dimensional-inversion cubes, designed to prevent escape by warping their interior reality and absorbing any power used against them from within. Later on he was significantly reduced in power, no longer being able to physically match Superman and was even defeated by him while Superman was in a weakened state. He also no longer had the abilities to shoot force blasts from his hands or eyes nor the cube technology, and could only project energy blasts via an amulet attached to his torso. He is also no longer a physical match for Superman, as Superman was able to defeat him in their first fight despite being weakened by lack of regular yellow sun rays.

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In the more modern incarnation, Geoff Johns turned this character in to a true force to be reckoned with. He was big, powerful, and ruthless. He came back killing his sister (Mongal), stealing a lantern ring from a dying Sinestro Corps being and then went on a killing spree while acquiring more power. He took control of the Sinestro Corps for a time being leading it with an iron fist only to be beaten by the weapon he had originally taken and Sinestro being trapped in the Yellow Battery.

With Recent events shutting down the Yellow battery and putting most of the Sinestro Corps in stasis, this leave a perfect time for Mongul to come back in to his reign of terror. Since being trapped in the power battery alot has changed. He has defeated Arkillo once already for the right to lead the Sinestro Corps. and now with Arkillo having his own ring separate from the Sinestro Corps we have all come to know Mongul could restart the battery with the fear he creates and bring the corps out of stasis. In doing so he could move the power battery to his home planet of Debstem IV and Creating a new Warworld (Warworld). With the power of the Yellow Lantern Corps, he could have the abilities to properly run Warworld mentally.

So to sum it all up they need to bring Mongul back, make him as powerful as he was before (eye and hand force blasts and all) as well as giving him his more powerful chest blast for when fighting beings even more powerful then him) and give him the corps back. With DC wanting to bring more presence to their cosmos Mongul (as well as Despero) would make a great addition to it. With his forma abilities, an army of lanterns, and a war world to protect the source of the power for the corps he could take control of his own galaxy and rule it.

He could still fight the Justice League and the Lantern corps and when one on one (w/o his rings) face Superman for an amazing battle. We could see him make an appearance in the Red Lantern book as villain as he looks to gain a red Lantern ring for more power.

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Hal Jordan's Will Power in the New 52

First blog go easy lol

Hal Jordan has been considered a the greatest green lantern of the corps for a while now (probably since Johns start on the comic). He has feats through out his life time that show he deserves his spot on the Justice League. His feats include but are not limited to: Time travel, Transmutation, city recreation, invisibility, etc. (if you want to know more feats see links at the bottom)

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Probably his most recent one one of his most powerful feats were defeating an old guardian named Krona. Hal did the impossible and defeated Krona using only his own green power ring. To get an idea of how big this accomplishment was, when all seemed lost nad Krona had taken over Oa as well as had the power of six of the emotional entities at his disposal. Hal tore him a new one using sheer will power, killing him*, something the guardians said should not have been possible. Also prior to the New 52, Hal was being shown as one of the most versatile beings in the universe being able to be accepted into 6 other lantern colors (yellow, red, blue, orange, black, and white)

Since the fall of Krona Hal had his ring taken from him and sent back to Earth only to be given a construct ring by Sinestro in return for his help. While his ring was limited to some extents for all intents purposes it was a fully functioning ring. While still showing the abilities of a normal lantern since the New 52 began he has be shown to have multiple people break down, or through his barriers and constructs.

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He was and in my opinion still is a great hero and lantern but what have they done to him? Maybe he has been this weak because he hasn't had a real ring or something but i cant remember the last time a lantern had been broken down this many times in such a short period of time (our time). not to mention half of the pictures above happened toward the beginning of the Justice League relaunch which was set 5-6 years prior to the current on goings of the comics. Other short comings of Hal since the relaunch is that he had his ring simply taken from him by batman and basically schooled all over again by Sinestro in various occasions. I would like to hear what you all think. Is this just a way of Johns growing the character? or is this just another mishap of the New 52? While the stories have been good, that have really twisted this magnificently strong hero into a weak new recruit.


Doesnt Suprise me at all!

they've always done similar stories at the same time 
Its like one person comes up with an idea and the basics of the idea and then pitches it to both companies and lets them run with them how they want. but always similar and always with in a couple issues of one another
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Doesn't Suprise Me at All!

idk about everyone else but ive always felt (always being the last 3 years that i followed comics) that Marvel and DC have had similar arcs or feelings of their stories at the same time. Darkest night and Necrosha, Brightest Day and Heroic Age, Osborn in control of the military and General Lane comin back and gaining control of the Military, etc, etc. 
It might just be me but its like one person comes up with the basics and pitches it to both companies and lets them run with it how they please. 


forever. These are monumental moments that will be remember forever. People talk about Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne every day. I like the passing of the torch. Its just the right thing to do. I really liked bruce Wayne but I like Dick Grayson/Wayne more. Batman is still alive and always will be whether bruce is or not.

Steve is a little more complicated bc i dont know as much about him and bucky. I thought he was the only one to successfully merge with the serum he took or whatever so im not sure how bucky is special but he seems to be doing just fine so i say let steve stay dead

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