New 52 TPBs Short Reviews

I'll update this each time I read another one. Contains some spoilers.

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  • 9/10

    This was a near-perfect telling of Batman's origin. Scott Snyder is an original and creative writer, so it was saved from the "been there, done that" cliché. The artists were all amazing, it had exciting and intriguing plot twists here and there, and I like how it managed to intertwine the origins of the Joker and the Riddler as well. I never lost interest in any of the issues, and I couldn't hope for anything better out of an origin comic.

  • 10/10

    After reading Secret City, I couldn't imagine how Scott Snyder could possibly make a whole other TPB as good as that one. I was very surprised when it actually turned out to be even better! The Riddler is my favourite fictional character of all time, so I am always upset when writers get him wrong or don't give him enough for his part. But Scott Snyder wrote his not-quite-insane genius, somewhat fun-loving but also structured personality perfectly, and I was very pleased when it turned out that he was the big villain of Zero Year, rather than the Joker. It's a shame he's such a minor character now.

  • 6/10

    It was okay. The plot was clever and the mystery of what was actually happening made it somewhat engaging... But it had a number of faults. Firstly, it was way too short. I get that it's just a prelude for Justice League: Origin, but it didn't take that long before we knew exactly what would be the plot, and the ending was in a style like the conclusion of a long battle, and yet it was only a few issues and Kaiyo didn't even get defeated. Secondly, it was too dark. Don't get me wrong, I like dark things, and I prefer Batman comics to be dark... But... Batman/Superman should have more of a balance of dark and brooding for Batman and bright and colourful for Superman. Still, as I said, it was okay.

  • 8/10

    Somewhat uneven, but I do agree that Grant Morrison did a good job of reinventing the Man of Steel and his friends and foes. I wish Lois Lane was given more to do than run around fighting Clark for a story, but overall it was very enjoyable and I'm glad I read it.

  • 6/10

    This particular installment in the New 52 story is extremely uneven. It jumps from one of the best storylines DC has ever told, to one of the least interesting, full of annoying clichés and thinly written characters. I obviously know that this defeat of Darkseid is temporary, as if it wasn't, then the series would be over as soon as it started; still, it seemed too easy and I never really worried that the heroes wouldn't win in the end. I suppose I can forgive it slightly, since it was only the start of the entire New 52 line.

  • 4/10

    After a lot of struggle to get this, I hoped dearly that it would be worth my time and money. Alas, it turned out to be a large waste. It seemed like it was going to be awesome at first, as I thought that Calvin Ellis and this other Lois Lane were going to travel to Earth-0 to get help from the main Superman to defeat the evil Superman- instead, the Calvin Ellis storyline didn't conclude properly and we just jumped to a completely different subject. I forgave it at first, as it seemed like this would be a very hard fight for Superman and could be interesting. But it was just easy, and then the rest of the TPB was a lot of random extra stories which were originally back-up stories in the collected issues. (Well, apart from "The boy who stole Superman's cape" which is listed as issue #0 of Action Comics here on comic vine.). In short, I hope Grant Morrison was just having a bad day and went back to his actually good style of writing in later issues.