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The Great restructuring has begun.

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  • A comic that's bringing fun back. Fantastic art and great writing. More people should be reading this.

  • The best action in comics right now.

  • Interesting stuff to say the least.

  • Jumping on after the Counter Vertigo villain month issue. Great art and great writing from what I can tell.

  • Good but not as "OMG <3" about it as other users.

  • Been meaning to check this one out since it was getting hyped up. Really surprised about how quickly I got invested in the characters.

  • Somehow forgot I was reading this one. Pretty interesting stuff, although I hope the actual plot picks up a bit more as it goes on.

  • Got this for the art which is fantastic, the story is good too if a bit stale.

  • First Valiant series I read. Fantastic stuff.

  • Bloodshot with some new allies. Read the first 10 issues of the old H.A.R.D corps, hopefully this series picks up some of the more interesting aspects of that old one.

  • The most well written Valiant title. Latest story arc is pretty crazy

  • Comedy is gold but the actual series stuff is pretty awesome as well

  • It'll be interesting to see where this one goes, the old series was all over the place. Hopefully more Geomancer fun.

  • Really good series, can't wait to see where it goes next.

  • Oh hey it's the comic everyone loves. Fantastic art and fantastic story telling.