Bring Them Back!

A list of characters who have either died or fallen of the face of the Earth that I find interesting and fell should be brought back.

List items

  • The Ultimate Man, full of potential. Would love to see Morrison pick up where he left off, maybe show us some stuff that happened in between him joining the JLA and his death.

  • Loved this guys gimmick even though it lasted like 5 seconds. Bring in a legacy villain, DC has enough room for two Pipers.

  • Was pretty great in MODOK's 11 and honestly anyone who can say "I turned Captain America into a werewolf" deserves more love.

  • He deserves more than 6 issues and I think DC needs more funny books overall.

  • Probably just about one of the most inventive villains ever. Only a single appearance? See, that needs to be fixed.