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The punchline was obvious 0

Okay so I'm gonna go into this saying that I wasn't expecting to be amazing, I wasn't expecting something groundbreaking, I wasn't expected the best comic ever. That said what I got was still disappointing.The Good: The art is nice as always, the dialog is...okay...and it's at least a good resolution to the story.The Bad: The more I think about it the more I really just didn't enjoy this comic. The "twist" was so obvious that I called it before I read issue 16. The combat scenes aren't really th...

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Needs more style 0

Young Avengers is a team I'm completely unfamiliar with, keep that in mind.The Good:As the title of the issue suggest this comic has some great style going for it and when it really tries to just go all out with that I really enjoyed it. The art is pretty good and I didn't really have any gripes at all in that department. Fans of Hulkling and Wiccan should be happy to see them getting the most screen time, which I agree is the right choice for the first issue given they're the main members of th...

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Sidekick Review 1

I really shouldn't be complaining about this comic, I mean I read it for free on Image Comics website I didn't have to pay for it so why do I care? But it's just so bad, seriously I've read a lot of stupid stuff but this comic is just horrid. The main character is one of the most unlikeable characters I've ever read, I wanted to punch him in the face every time he spoke (which was constantly due to his monologue). All the other characters in this comic are either idiots are just annoying jerks l...

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