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Favorite Comics

Some of my favorite comics and why I love them.

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  • It's funny how I always call myself more of a Marvel fan and yet when I think of comics I love the one that first comes to mind is one of the DCish books I've ever read. Epic in scale and yet very human Kingdom Come really pulls of a great interesting mix while telling a story that while certainly done before and since has never felt this good or looked this good.

  • Rice Boy is my favorite all time webcomic and I think it darn well stands tall as the best argument for why something digital can be just as good if not better than it's print counterpart. Rice Boy houses the journey of two wonderfully done characters with wildly different stories that coincide into one great story in a world like no other.

  • Crime and costumes have always been Bendis's best stuff and Alias really shows it off. While certainly not a perfect story Alias is still an interesting look at just how things can go for a former hero and just how hard it is to really get out of the hero biz. And just what it takes to make someone want to leave in the first place.

  • I love alternate universe stories and 5 Ronin is the alternate universe story perfected. It takes well known characters and shoves them in a new setting and a new light, keeping what makes them interesting while examining just how they'd work in the new setting. Made me want to read some Punisher, which is quite a feat.

  • Unique, cool, and full of puns King City has everything I ask for and more. It functions on a level of word play beyond my level all while developing a great cast and the pop cultural influenced world around them. There's crazy and then there's crazy good, and King City shows just how to pull of the later with style.

  • Earth is in danger of being destroyed by a massive weapon of the old gods that decimated an entire city of the universe's greatest heroes and it's up to the JLA to stop it. You want epic world ending awesomeness? This is the story to go to, with a perfect lead in and fantastic writing of all the characters involved this story shines out as my favorite JLA tale.