Webcomic reviews with Decoy Elite: Dominic Deegan


Welcome to webcomic reviews with Decoy Elite. Today’s webcomic, Dominic Deegan: Oracle for hire.

                Okay, I don’t really know Dominic Deegan’s history, but based on the archive it seemed to start out as a joke a day comic similar to Sluggy Freelance or User Friendly, but like Sluggy Freelance it developed it’s own plot.

                Okay, unlike most webcomics, Dominic Deggan actually starts out pretty well. The jokes a tad bit funny and the main character is likeable enough…..then plot rears it’s ugly head. The plot for Dominic Deegan isn’t bad, it’s not the best, but it’s not horrible. The problem with the plot is how the author introduces it. Basically you get nice bits with some good jokes and likeable characters, then suddenly it dips into an overdramatic and often times depressing plot. Seriously, here’s a chart of how the plot goes in Dominic Deegan:  
No Caption Provided

This leads to the plot being rather un-enjoyable, as just when you’re enjoying some of the funny moments the plot jumps to something absurdly depressing point.

Where Dominic Deegan shines is character development, the characters really do change over the course of the comic and it’s really quite noticeable.   Most of the characters are good, some seem a bit annoying at times, but you should be able to find at least one character you like.

Overall I give Dominic Deegan a   2 out of 5, mostly due to the plot problems. Some people might enjoy this comic, but it’s unique style can be quite annoying.

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