The Freedom Guard Files. Chapter II.

(story copyright E.N.Boyd)

The man in the bronze colored oddly shaped suit managed to raise himself up in a sitting position like a slowly moving giant waking from a winter's nap. He looked around and punched the ground with his gloved fists. He sighed, and then raised his arms and removed the suit's helmet.

Tobias "Doc" Strong breathed in the air and said, "Rulah. I am so sorry.", cradling the helmet in his arm. Slowly he stood up, the suit surprisingly nimble despite its bulky design. "Where am I?", he said aloud to no one, his voice echoing. He could tell the cave snaked its way on a decline due to the slope of the ground. Yet he knew this was not the same cave he'd been in, nor, evidently the pond he'd jumped into in an effort to end his life. He turned around and looked out to the mouth of the cave. He could see the moonlight in the sky as well as the gleaming stars. Cautiously he walked to the cave's entrance, and looked out and down. "What the? How? Where am I?", he said as he dropped the helmet on the cave floor, stirring up a puff of dust.


After contacting their respective families, with the exception of Torpedo Man, the men gathered again. This time they met on a tarmac, just in front of a hangar on a Pentagon airport used for the Military's big brass.

They stood on the edge of the runway as their orders had instructed, andfour men dressed in black arrived, each carrying a duffel bag over his shoulder. They also wore sunglasses and their business suits almost seemed identical to each other. It was an odd sight, but the men approached the heroes individually, dropping the duffel bags at their feet. Each man in black withdrew a file folder and gave these to the heroes, which they accepted. "Hey, nice to meet ya!", Liberator stated, holding out his hand as the wind breezed through his short crew cut blond hair, extending a hand. The man in black lowered his sunglasses at Liberator, and he could see the man's eyes were red in color. The man smiled lightly and said, "Sorry, Sir, we have orders just to give these folders and duffel bags to you and to be quick about it. But it is a honor to meet you.", he replied and shook Liberator's hand. It was hard to resist Liberator's charm, his demeanor and intelligence, both qualities which almost super-ceded his fantastic abilities.

The men in black each looked at each other, nodded, and then just as quickly disappeared around the corner of the hangar. "Well, they certainly were a friendly lot.", Man O' Metal said. "By the way, where's the Blue Lady? I thought she was going to be part of our fun factory.". Man O' Metal added. "Hmm. Well, you know dames, she's probably still doing her hair.", Liberator replied, jokingly. "Well, that is only partially true.", a voice said, coming out of thin air. The men all looked around but couldn't see where the voice was coming from.

"Behind you.", the female voice said. The men spun around and saw, inside the hangar, the form of the Blue Lady, decked out in her blue costume which was comprised of a baby blue color mask, a light blue cape, blue top and blue skirt and baby blue color boots. Even for their time, her costume was indeed a bit "saucy".. She also sported a sharp side brim hat which she sometimes wore for certain functions like media appearances and war bond promotions and autograph signings to support the troops.

Soon as the men saw here, though, she disappeared out of thin air. Just as suddenly, she re-appeared, this time at their back again as they'd turned and tapped Man O' Metal on the shoulder. "Right here, sparky.", she said, coughing. He turned around just as the others did and they all burst out laughing. "Dame, that is an awesome thing you just did. Don't know how you do it but it is indeed a great trick.", Man O' Metal said, smiling.

"It's not a trick, Sparky, I just have to spin my blue bird ring with my thumb and most anything I can think of to do, I can. But you all have your files on me, though, and read them, and already know this, right?", she asked, pointing at the folders. "These? Well, not really, we just got them, Blue.", Captain Flag responded. "Along with these duffel bags. From some fellas dressed in black.", Torpedo Man added. They all nodded in unison as if to verify the story.

"I see. Well, I guess when we get to Arizona, you'll have enough time to read up on me. Hope you boys are ready for a trip like none you've ever experienced.", she said. "What do you mean?". Man O' Metal asked. "Well, Sparky, you will soon find out. Don't be shy, hold each other's hand. Take mine, Sparky.", she held out her hand to Man O' Metal. He quickly accepted it, smiling at the her and at the other men, who laughed. "Now what?", he asked.

Spinning the blue bird ring with her thumb, she then answered, "This!"

And in an instant, a thin puff of blue smoke could be seen, as these super heroes seemingly disappeared into thin air.

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