My Favorite Artists, in no specific order.

My opinion shifts week to week, depending on what I'm reading at the time, so my favorites are constantly rotating, but these guys are always on top.

List items

  • I'll never forget being blown away the first time I saw his work in X-Men when I was a kid. He's just gotten better with age.

  • His work is so different from others, and is perfectly suited for Gotham City.

  • Very reminiscent of Jim Lee's work, but with some old school flair. He made the Justice League feel so heroic & larger than life.

  • I'll be honest, I HATED his work when he was on X-Force, but when he took over on Spawn, he changed my mind real quick. Maybe it was McFarlane's influence, but the moment he found his voice, he hasn't stopped kicking ass. I loved the Creech, and he's killing it on Batman.

  • He was my favorite comic artist in the world when I was like 11 years old and inspired me to become a better artist. I still love his work & have the utmost respect for the man. Not to mention, I owe him for the influence!

  • His style is so quirky & so much fun, he really stands out in the crowd, in a good way!

  • Quite similar to Burnham, in that he has a style uniquely his own. I wasn't so hot on it at first, but the more I absorbed, the more I "got it". His rendering of anatomy is quite simply amazing.

  • He draws the hottest women in comics, period.

  • He'll all be missed. The anime-spiked art is still a pleasure to look at.

  • Because he's Alex Ross!

  • I've been a fan since the Wolverine/Cyber story he did in Marvel Comics Presents many, many moons ago. No one does hallucinatory like he does.

  • Very clean, easy to follow work. AND he co-created Bane!

  • His work reminds me a lot of Chris Bachalo's, but more realistic. (not that there's anything wrong with Bachalo's surrealism, I'm a massive fan of it!). Loved Red Hood: The Lost Days and hope he comes back to the Bat-family soon!

  • He redefined the Joker with Killing Joke.

  • Wolverine: Origin is one of the most gorgeous books ever thanks to him.

  • He had the difficult task of following fan favorites Todd McFarlane & Erik Larsen on Spiderman, and he did not disappoint. His work is so animated & always pleasant to look at.


  • A master at horror & hot women! I've been a fan since Cry for Dawn #1.

  • Very cartoony & lots of fun. I know it's not everyone's taste, but I always enjoy his work.

  • Absolutely love what he did on Death: The High Cost of Living & Ghost Rider 2099. His work was so dark & gothic, and I don't think they could've found anyone better for either title. His cyberpunk work in GR2099 is terribly underrated, because as far as I'm concerned, it was the best title of the entire 2099 line.

  • His art turned Batman around & has defined him ever since.

  • Because he's George Perez!

  • Stylish, ink-blot nightmares! Another guy who's work was perfectly suited to Gotham City, as proven by Black Mirror. His recent Michael Myers rendering for a limited edition Halloween poster is photo-realistic. I think the best from him is yet to come.

  • Clean, but quirky, his work has always been eye-candy. He's responsible for the original Azrael, who rocked one of the COOLEST costumes in all of comics EVER! Plus, he took a character with one of the DUMBEST freakin' names ever, and made him awesome - - I'm looking at you, Ninjak!