Tribulations:Trials Of The Heart

This has nothing to do with Final Tribulations but rather a series of Tribulation titled blogs vie done. They all slowly lead into something but thats a TBA thing. Enjoy……..

Evie looked to the three as they rode in the back of a limo towards the destination to meet with the mark. There was Zombie a man established as a power house to fear even by the ones who could do incredible dammage. Healing wasn't that big a power, it hounestly fealt like atleast half the meta comunity had such a power up their sleave. His supper strength was impressive enough to flip tanks with perpetual ease that was nothing compared to alot of others though either. What made the seven foot tall barrel of a man a lethal weapon was how he used them acompanied by the fact pain didn't slow them down. Evolium tipped his fingers like animal claws mix those with his allready good strength and ripping bodies apart was easy. It was a messy art that served great for cover nobody focused what happend inside a building when outside was a juggernaught tearing people apart like he was from a Mortal Kombat game or something. His body as long as it was intact could function the wounds had been tremendous sometimes and still he advanced. To recover from the damage he had to devour flesh. The result was a mammoth of a man ripping individuals apart and snatching up torn bits of skin to recover mangled flesh. He didn't have a name anymore forgotten so long ago as he lived a life of sheer violence he seamed black hearted the loss of Scarlett Rayne Oren only made that fealing worse.

The only one to make the grim canibal seam human was his wife Aphrodite, whos true name was also lost to time. Currently though she wore the flesh of Anabel Olam a german nurse recently fired and soon after seaming to vanish off the grid. Truth of the matter was she allready dead Aphrodite had a powerful telepathy that allowed her to read the minds of entire cities to manipulate thirty people at once with apsolute ease not a sweat broken upon her exquisate face. To always be with her Zombie who needed something to keep him sane Aphrodite mind hopped. Transfering her mind into another. She was not eternal she made herself such though in appearence however as she survived two hundred fifty years at the side of Zombie. Her job on a mission was to keep the boys on the security cameras unaware so no alarms were triggered while holding the innocents out of harms way. Third member of the squad was the Japanese American Sakura Yashima the infiltrator of the bunch.

"Alright Michael Korven is tonights mark, currently he runs about as North Korea's secondary general and on paper most don't see him as all that bad. Satelite feed however has shown him to be not so precious and country serving on his own time. From the floor came up holographic displayed computers. Medical records to report cards to opperation files came up able to reap any intel the group wished. Evie was runing a fair chunk of th United States black op missions they were more then willing to pay her to get such high grade technology of minds like Stark and others to aquire all posibly recorded detail. "Drugs, harboring fugitives, slave traficing and working with terrorists make him a prime target of our talents. The media will respond calm enough for us to not disrupt anything to drasticaly. They'll chalk it up as doing the majority a service so there is no need to be to discreet on your exit. The plan is simple enough at nine the entire crowd should be there. At nine thirty Korven will ask you to dance for them as is usual for his dates. At nine thirty five explosons will erupt outsde thanks to Z here that serves as your cue to act. Then get out, the opperation could be more complcated but complexty only ruins productvity no matter the masster mind. That and we have the skills to adapt as quick as we might need so why bother?"

Sakura nodded in compliance listening up untill now "what is opposition looking like." Sakura was in the job of killing yet had a innocent enough heart, she loathed the idea of Zombie getting shot apart even if he seamed near immortal. The numbers didn't look drastic enough to place the colosus at risk so she went back to getting ready. The light weight Evolium clothing she wore was beneath a dress of high design. Sakura rarely dealt with the details of fashion, looks at the dress however suggested that there was a matching kimono popular to a Blair Roxima or something like that. Elbow length black gloves masked her hands similar hight boots to match. Nobody would tell that she was packing a multitude of throwing knives and stars, a katana and two kopesh. That was apart of the beautiful flowers charm nobody saw the potent thorns.

Nine Twenty Five P.M

Greetings and personal conflicts had been finally resolved by the various high value targets in the room. Business deals gone bad, cheaters who knocked up the wife of another member, that low life that ramped up medical costs on one of the terrorists suffering cancer. Casual ravings of victemizers fealing like victems, Sakura met all of them with a warm smile. Each being measured by her criteria of should she be guilty of the coming kills or not. There was one, a Ogeneb Eganir a father of six and loyal husband. His crime was cheating medical fields however making him someone whos blood would spill tonight. The room was very flat grey walls rotten wood table beet chairs Korvan not wanting to spend luxury on these guests a shame. He was such a well composed man if only he could have some virtue, more time put in chivalry and less in maintaining a long groomed beard. They deserved what was coming no better then the filth her ancestor slayed while wielding a weapon of anchient myth that samurai woman of legend bearing the same name as the contract killer here.

They loved her a jade eyed beauty whos eyes were now a pink color a mutation they thought had to just be that mysterious little perk. They thought her a kind and young woman just here to tease them before getting to business. A green streek in her hair something they thought to be a sign of wild nature beneath the aparent nature. For the time it all seamed true as she danced to the hard rock melody of Never Enough by Helayn Flowers. Eyes wide brows laced with sweat waiting for more the dress dropped the unifrom she preffered below it revealed. The outfit didn't cover much but was a weave of a metal that could take more punishment then almost anything else. Made of fusion of metals costing a fortune no matter the size of the item it absorbed energies to make it even more durable then it naturally would be. Retracted from her back the two egyptian curved blades rapidly the nanites forming into the weapons unique shape and guided into a pair of throats.

She was crouched on one knee the momentum of stepping up and forward ripped the hook blades from jugulars a quick arterial spray splashing along the mistreeted wood table. Agile was she as the blades drove into the top of the skull of another two half then men besides Korvan dead in two moves in no more then two and a half seconds. One of the terrorists went for a gun unholstered and chamber loaded a blade hooked into the wrist and pointed it to Ogeneb the motion directing it in the medical manager of distrustful means to take a bullet through his blackening heart. He could have a open casket funeral her gift to the better man of the lot leaping over the terrorists shoulers pulled the nine millimeter pistol to his nostril, bone broke a agonized scream before the blades retraction forced a twitch. Brains splashed along the wall as the bullet fired at point blank. This was not the video games she enjoyed the enemies bled painting a ugly mess upon the walls. They didn't gush fountains of blood like the movies she liked years of experience made her come to terms though that her business was not a clean one. She just wished corpses didn't smell and look so ghastly as they reached their ends. One kopesh grabbed another military figure by the shoulder pulling him infront of the eighth mans gun. Second egyptian sword stabing into the mans heart a mercy killing rather then suffering the many bullet wounds that followed.

A searing pain was fealt in Sakura's abdomen a bullet broke through skin of the meat shield and entered her not deep something she took as a symbol of her path being the right one. A clip falls and with cat like reflexes the warrior jumps across the table kicking second clip from the hand before landing on the gunmens shoulders. Two wicked blades spun around and stabbing into both eye sockets. This left only Michael who was backed in a corner, no right mind was comfortable in a room with a tigeress. A desert eagle retracted from holster and raised in self defense of what they both knew was coming brown eyes meeting ones a blossom pink. Something peaceful in the contact despite the mural of decadence painted about the room. Sheathing the blades on her back her wrist moved a small throwing blade caught between her fingers. Thrown and it conected with Michael's wrist jerking it to the right as the gun fired. Clearing distance the weapon was slapped downwards a quick jab of her index striking a nerve. High calibur pistol nearly taking the mans leg off another blade placing itself in the fem fatals hands. Four stabs to the elbow and a high kick removes his arm in its entirety, the throwing knife slamed into his temple insuring the kill.

Contract complete Sakura walks over to the purse she wore for apearences a decaying rose pulled from it. Only two dying rose had been in the bag a soft hand placing one over the mans heart. "They say that the rose is the flower of the heart, so a decaying rose represents a blackening heart of this world. This one is yours. As you pass on into the next life remember that even if entering the gates of purgatory their is still value in you. Like this rose though broken there still lies beauty in you" words passing her lips as she kissed his forhead. Gun fire and screams were all over the bottom floor it was time to move. "Be down in a minute" Sakura remarks to the comm hidden in a earing, a chair grabbed to smash the window as she was on the top floor and six floors below was where she needed to be.

Six Below Reputation In Pain

Zombie looked to his wife as he stood outside the door guards all along the other side of the entrance coridor. They blew up three vehicles ripped into pieces from the explosion. Brutal antics of the canibal forced men and women to be smashed into the ground in pieces. If one looked at the craters each made they probably woold add up to six feet deep. To add to the climbing amounts of funerals to come Aphrodite was forcing thoughts of suicide into the minds of the masses. "I love you be ready are little murderous flower is never long," Blown kiss sent his way as the giant butcher stepped into the corridor. Guns barked plugging the long hall with bullets. Holes punched through Z constantly. Chunks of himself coating the floor as a bloody path marked his advance. Magazines clicked empty and he was ontop of them, they should of concentrated fire sawed him in two. They just poored boxes of ammo into him, not a pretty sight but nothing to halt his charge so the bodies began to rip. Limbs tossed away bones broken in grizzley ways that would make the most modderately squeemesh lose a lunch. Where Sakura was a beautiful act of precision Zombie was a walking horror movie. The only thing to halt his murderous rampage was the sound of Sakura's screaming voice.

Turning and rushing towards the instance he stopped at a loss for words. A bullet had found its way into Aphrodite's head. She could swap her mind all she wanted their was no getting around a bullet to the brain however. Zom was not a man of many words and he was not emotional enough to crush everything in his path. Rather the giant like man who always seamed stone wall more then open doors turned to Sakura. Razor was suposably dead at least for sure missing in action and now so was Aphrodite. Both women who made his world more a ninety nine percent gray instead of pitch black. He didn't wish to live his hands ripping open his chest and plucking his beating heart. "I was never as nice to you as I could be Rose still you were like a sister to me. Don't let me go through this shit take my decayed flower let it be revitalized by your blood."

A single tear rolled down Sakura's cheek it was all she would permit of herself fealing she needed to be strong for her brother in arms. Taking the still pounding muscle she traded it with the dying rose she had left over in her hands. She wanted to vomit at the thought of what she was about to do. The muscle was raised to her lips and she was forced to tilt her head ejecting bile in apalling realization. Sakura coughing at the taste of blood upon her tongue. The look of emptyness in Zombie's eyes though told her it had to be done. Teeth sinking into the muscle, ripping slightly it was soft fragile shockingly easy. The taste wretched yet some how more filling then anything she had ever ate. So Zombie's heart was devoured, his heart served as the means of allowing him to recover, the wound on Sakura's toned abs healed and Zombie's body slumped. The soft hearted killer straightening the rose before teleporting away.

Author Azra Notes

I always had these three as a side cast to Razor but they never got much use vine wise. So when I came up with the idea to make DecayingRose a character I thought I need to change her up. She was originally named Warp but a teleporter alone was to bland wanted to spice her up. Then this idea came to mind, I had come up with a team idea with Drifter a long time ago called the Decaying Rose. It never took off but I loved the idea. So I took Warp gave her the rose trait and decided Zombie and Aphrodite aren't being used lets give Sakura a character elment new to the vine....lastly I planed to do so much yesterday I didn't feal like writing though and by time I concluded this it was 5am so I didnt get anything else done lol.