Batman and Robin #28 was great

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Comic Vine is love, Comic Vine is life.

-I was only 9 years old.

-I loved Comic Vine so much, I responded to all the threads.

-I prayed to the staff every night, thanking them for the gift of Comic Vine.

-"Comic Vine is love" "Comic Vine is life"

-GiantBomb hears me and calls me a fag.

-I knew they were just jealous of our devotion to the comics.

-I call them Gam3r N00BS and remind them of Half Life 3.

-They go into rage mode with the DSR-50 and shoot me down.

-I'm crying now, my body hurts.

-I lay in my bed and it's cold.

-A warmth is moving towards me.

-It's Comic Vine!

-They whisper in my ear "For the record, this is not canon"

-I cry tears of joy for Comic Vine.

-I can feel the Plot Device Armor crawling through my body.

-Comic Vine roars a mighty roar, fiercer than the destruction of Krypton.

-GiantBomb walks in.

-Comic Vine stairs them straight in the eyes and says "I didn't even need prep time"

-Comic Vine leaves and all the days from here on out are known as "Post New Crisis"

-Comic Vine is love, Comic Vine is life.