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Villains that are my Heroes.

My opinion is not law so leave a list of your favs in the comments if you like.

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  • As you can see Slade is my number 1. Why? I grew up knowing him as the infamous Teen Titans tv show villain and was obsessed with him from the start. Then i got more into reading about him and you know the rest.

  • Two words: Photographic Reflexes. I think that's just plain awesome. Taskmaster is actually one of those people that i just found out even existed and I thought he had the greatest power ever. I mean its one of the most realistic super powers I can think of so that's why I love him.

  • No need for a description.

  • The Demon's Head. Pretty cool but a bit too theatrical and repetitive (at least in the movies "mind your surroundings").

  • Just an overall great character. I thought his story was very complete from his childhood to his adulthood. He's obviously the best surgeon in comics and i thought its interesting how he incorporates his everyday life skills into his life as the vigilante Hush.

  • No villains list would be complete without him. Ha.

  • Regular human aside from super intellect and resourcefulness. Anyway a regular human that can beat Superman. Nuff said.

  • Classic.

  • Ultimate Nazi. One of the most vile villains i can think and worst then Hitler ( I guess by Nazi standards that's better).

  • Everyone loves Two Face, even Harvey Dent does... Oh wait.

    "Harvey Dent, can we trust him?" -Batman collegehumor (look it up its pretty funny).

  • Who doesn't like Venom. I mean come on seriously if you dont like him leave a comment saying so cause i will refer you to a psychiatrist. *joke* *laughs*

  • Another severely underrated character. Truthfully the show Arrow got me hooked on him then i started reading up on him.