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  • Alignment:Neutral
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  • Name: Tamsin Eógan
  • Alias: Death's Daughter, "accursed pict," Damned Maiden
  • Race: Pict
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Pale Blue
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 122lbs.
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Languages Spoken: Pictish, Cimmerian
  • Weapon of Choice: Glaive

Hailing from a small, wandering clan of Picts, Tamsin was only a young teen and just learning how to hunt when her people were wiped out -- down to the last man, woman, and child -- by a mysterious force. Whether brigands, a rival tribe, or some form of beast, the young girl never discovered, as she had been away from the group at the time of the attack.

Now, Tamsin's mind lies not on revenge, something she knows she cannot ever find. She feels shamed after having been denied the right to die alongside her people, and even more humiliated for having been denied a beautiful death in combat. Taking up her spear, bow, and other assorted weapons she could scavenge from the battlefield, Tamsin left the world she had once known, wandering away from the Pictish wilderness and taking up the path of a scavenging, mad warrior woman. Her goal, singular: To find a foe worthy of killing her in combat. She treads carefully between simple bloodthirst and outright insanity, tattooing her face in a mock-up of a skull to show her allegiance to death... and more importantly, her desire to join him, and the rest of her tribe, in the afterlife.

Desperate, reckless, violent, and nearly sociopathic, Tamsin has only concern for her life in one way -- she refuses to die old, or die sick. As such, she is utterly likely to spill blood at the smallest provocation, with a suicidal attack style that, much to her frustration, ends up being more efficient than she'd like. She battles without fear, and as a result, rarely loses.

Physical Appearance:

Untamed black hair, icy blue eyes, and an endless map of tattoos give Tamsin a very distinctive appearance, as does her choice of apparel and the fact that she tends to carry weapons with her wherever she goes. Her facial tattoos are a mock-up of a skull -- four vertical lines on her chin, dark diagonal streaks across her cheeks, and kohl around her eyes give her a feral, violent appearance, as is appropriate given her mad pursuit of Death. Her figure is lean but well-muscled, belying only a small amount of her youthful age.

Skills and Abilities:

Physical abilities: Has seemingly apelike agility and remarkable flexibility. Strong for her size and weight, but obviously would be overpowered by a larger man in similar physical condition. Extremely high degree of pain tolerance -- though she sustains damage at a usual level, she seems able to ignore its ramifications until they take their final toll. She always fights to the end.

Mental abilities: Not what you'd call "smart." Fierce, alert, savage, reckless, yes. Smart... not exactly. Social skills are utterly lacking, but her mental speed and reflexes seem to be remarkable.

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Skills and proficiencies: A more than able huntress, able to live off the land and survive in the wilderness for an undetermined period of time. Highly skilled with the spear, bow, and knife (including throwing blades). Her skills with a sword are only moderate, though she does enjoy using these blades if she loses one of her more personal weapons. Does not like to use heavy armor, as it weighs her down. Can use axes as well as the next person not trained with them, but finds heavy weapons like maces and hammers to be absurd.

Is also a skilled tattooist and woad-maker, and frequently paints her face before a large battle.

Has no skills in magic whatsoever, considering it a dishonorable practice.

Weaknesses: Tamsin is completely reckless in battle. She wants to die. Though she is fast and brutal in combat, she's also lightly-armored and easy to badly damage. Killing her would be doing her a favor, and while she won't "give up" during a fight, her safety is not much of a concern.