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Titans is an American web television series created by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti for DC Universe. Based on the DC Comics team Teen Titans, the series depicts a group of young heroes who join forces in their fight against evil.


Rachel Roth / Raven:

An empath born to a demon father(Trigon) and human mother. At first understanding little of her lineage and abilities, Rachel's powers lead her to Dick and subsequently becoming a member of the new Titans.

Demonic Powers:

Contains Starfires sun level radiation.

TK's a man against a wall, TK's Dick through a wall, releases a demon clone.

Demon Clone possesses man

Demon Clone makes possessed man vomit blood and kill himself.

House level TK explosion.

~Banishes Trigon, with a combination of disintegration, explosion, binding, and a portal.~

Brings gargoyle to life, gargoyle kills man.

Helps Wondergirl restrain Superboy.


Brings deer back to life.

Heals mortal wound on man.


Can see peoples past through touch.

Can tell when people lie.

Suppresses a room full of peoples emotions.


Koriand'r / Kory Anders/ Starfire:

An extraterrestrial royal from the planet Tamaran who has the ability to absorb energy and redirect it into heat. Alien physiology includes above human strength and durability.

Fire Powers:

Reduces a possessed Tamaranean to ashes

Sun level radiation.

Blows up building.

Puts a hole in a piece of farm equipment.

Kills man with wall level fire

Auto Shield

Point blank auto shield


Room level AOE, before a shell casing hits the ground.


Hit with car door into another car.


Subject 13 / Conner Kent / Superboy

A superhuman teenager searching for purpose and the truth about his past after escaping from Cadmus Laboratories with Krypto.


Shoots then catches bullet,, then throws it into a guys head.

Mach 3.5+ combat speed.

Bullet proof, blur speed, wall level tackle.


Use of combat speed.


Punches clean through a heavy bag low effort.

2 shots Beastboys tiger form

Beats Donna Troy in H2H combat.


Rip off car door throws into into another car.

Tears reenforced door off its hinges.

Casually pushes over another reenforced door.

Bends a gun in half.

Throws cop 100+ feet.


A fall from near the middle of a skyscraper does nothing to him.

No sells a rifle bash

~Is healed by Starfires sun level radiation + a statement that DCU Superman can lift building. and is FTL.


Heat Vision.

Superbreath takes out 5 guys.

Xray and telescopic vision.



Krypto the motherfuckin Superdog.

Kryptonain good boy.

Heat vision.

Catches a RPG from a few feet away, and turns it on the guy who fired it.

Can fly.

Takes down cop.


Donna Troy / Wonder Girl

A member of the Amazons sharing their enhanced physical abilities.

Fights near evenly with Superboy.


Throws a motorcycle with her lasso.

Restrains Superboy with a assist from Raven.


Knocks Starfire out with a punch.


Blur speed run.

Another DCU Amazon cuts bullet out of the air with shuriken.


Truth coil, full memory wipe.


Garth / Aqualad:(deceased)

A member of the original Titans from Atlantis possessing hydrokinetic and enhanced physical abilities;

Water Kinesis:

Knockout man with water.


Tankes Dr lights energy blast.

Dr light can flip cars with a energy blast.

Tanks a extended blast from Dr Light.


Saves a amazon from a bullet, moving after he heard the gunshot. (He died from the gunshot)


Garfield "Gar" Logan / Beast Boy:

A shapeshifter who developed the power to transform into animals from a drug that cured him of a lethal disease.Gar previously lived with the Doom Patrol before joining Dick's new Titans team.

Kills man as tiger.

Turns into snake.

Tanks hit from Superboy

Gets thrown by Superboy(hurt)


Dick Grayson / Robin / Nightwing:

The leader of the Titans and former vigilante sidekick of Batman, seeking to move past his mentor and his Robin persona. A member of the original team, he reforms the Titans while giving up being Robin.


Matches strength with nuclear dad, a superhuman capable of ripping car door off its hinges.

Lifts and throws Gar with one hand.(possessed)


No sells jumping off a small building onto a car

Tackled through a window and crumples a car.


FTE to Deathstroke with a Batman like ghosting ability..../...(Confirmed)

casual aim dodger

Dodges a blast from Dr Light.

Leaps across rooftops

Evades sword strikes.


Defeats 12 armed men.

Solo's 10 in a corridor.

Defeats 3 Agents of "The Organization" in seconds.

4x Stealth feats.

Is more skilled than Jason Todd (Jason Todd is skilled enough to (solo 6 GPD cops.)

Clowns Jason Todd (Jason Todd is skilled enough to solo Dr Light.)

Is more skilled than Rose Wilson (Rose is skilled enough to solo 4 cops)

Vicious and Brutal


Grapple Gun

Extendable Bo Staff.


Smoke bomb

Bird Computer.

Cape is bullet proof

Nightwing suit is a Nomex triple weave kevlar shell, electrically insulated and light sensitive, mask has. a wireless transmitter and starlight night vision lenses.


Jason Todd / Robin II

Dick's successor as Batman's vigilante sidekick who is brought into the new Titans team at the request of Bruce Wayne.


Solos Dr Light.

Solos 6 GPD cops.



Cape can no sell Dr Lights energy attack.

Smoke bomb.



Dawn Granger / Dove II

A vigilante who serves as a tactical counterpart to her partner and boyfriend Hank. She was also a member of the original Titans team

Solos six armed men.


Hank Hall / Hawk

The aggressive half in a vigilante duo composed of himself and his girlfriend Dawn. He was part of the original Titans.

Using brass knuckles rag dolls man.

Uses Dove as a weapon taking out 2.


Rose Wilson/Jeherico

Deathstrokes daughter; Rose Wilson was born to Slade Wilson and an unknown woman, she possesses enhancements inherited from her father. During a battle with her father she learned that her previously thought to be dead brother resided in her fathers consciousnesses. She stabbed her Father in the spine, and took her brother consciousness into her self.

Rose feats---- strength and healing inherited from her father.


Jumps across street from a building.

High level regen/healing:

Heals from broken bones, including a broken neck in about a minute.


Solos 4 cops

Spars with Grayson

Jeherico feats.----- Ability to astral project, and control another body.

Makes Hawk dance.

Transfers consciousness into Deathstroke at the moment of his body death.

Transfers consciousness into Rose.



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Villains (unfinished)



Trigon was an interdimensional demonic being dedicated to dominating the entire universe. He is worshiped by a cult of countless acolytes. He is the father of Rachel Roth/Raven.

Planetary statements.

"She is the doorway that he can walk through. Earth will be the first planet that he will cover in his darkness."--Starfire.
"Dick, wait! It is time to eat the world.---TRIGON. 
The prophecy,. ---- Trigon has been around for many years. Long ago, he arrived in the human dimension and managed to destroy a world. As a result, he was forbidden to return, imprisoned in his realm for all eternity.---Ravens Mom
This book is the only thing in here that looks old. It's called Gul'ron Dez Dire. "Death of Worlds. " Wait We're looking at a future projection. Tamaran burning. Unless Rachel dies, my world will. ---Starfire.
Rachel(Raven) serves as a doorway into the human dimension; once he returns, he will engulf worlds, such as Tamaran, in darkness and they will burn.---Starfire.


Planetary feat.

Makes slaves.

Reads minds.

Causes death to spread with every step.

Force field the size of a house withstands Starfire's full power.



Slade J. Wilson a enhanced deadly assassin and foe of the original Titans. He is the father of Rose Wilson and Jericho Wilson(both of whom inherited meta abilities from Deathstroke).

Select soldiers underwent a series of experimental bio-enhancements. Out of the 35 trial subjects, the only one to survive was Slade Wilson.(HIVE)



Fights Starfire and Grayson simultaneously.

Thrown by Wondergirl; lands on feet.

Cuts and stabs Wondergirl


Overpowers Wondergirl

Breaks bonds, throws man across room.


Tanks Starfires blast.

Takes (or heals from) a metal pipe to the face from Starfire.

No-sells Robins bowstaff.


Hand Grenades floor Starfire.

Extendable bowstaff-

-Bowstaff knife

-Bowstaff rifle.


Mercy Graves.

The Personal Security Specialist to Lex Luthor.

Has kryptonite bullets.

Uses Kryptonite bullets.

Kryptonite radiation dog collar(she's the worst).


Dr light

A physicist, Arthur Light gained metahuman powers after a failed experiment involving light manipulation.

Nuke level statement.

Absorbs light.

Light Blast blows up car

Infuses human with light causing a timed explosion.

Light ball projection.

Light beam projection.


Nuclear Family

A group of brainwashed individuals that pretended to be a family, using drugs to enhance their physical capabilities.

Superhuman strength capable of ripping a car door off its hinges.

Tanks Robins Shuriken to the face.



Blackfire is the sister of Starfire and current queen of Tamaran.