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Name: Dean Yew

Age: 20


Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Nationality- English

Species- (Demi-God)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Power/Skills: Witchcraft, Demi-god biology, Talented Archer, Special Gift

Occupation: Bartender(Formerly) Occultist (Currently)

Mini Bio - God of the sun, healing,music, light and prophecy Dead is the son of Apollo and also the son of a Witch Mother. Dean is a hybrid demi-god/witch with the special gift of Precognition due to his godly lineage he also is empowered by the sun and has finer control over light, healing and fire magic. Trained by his mother since early childhood Dean is now like those before him in his family a protector of humans, guarding them from the dangers of the Supernatural world that threaten the balance of the world.

Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses

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Demi-God abilities- . Dean being a demi-god has his own innate power and can control his own innate power to change and alter reality on either a small or large scale(within reason). To do this he commonly uses incantations in Greek but he can also use the English language through poetic methods such as rhyming couplets or haiku's as his father is the God of poetry or by even simply by stating what he wants. These incantations vary and give him a wide variety of abilities however he cannot truly control magic like those of the Hecate children or witches. Dean can also use magic through sheer force of will however this tends to be smaller magic when compared to magic through spells he also has the ability to create elixirs through herbs that contain mystical properties learned from his sister, heightened longevity and an ability inherited from his Godly lineage solar empowerment where during the day Dean is faster, stronger, more agile and generally more powerful and overall enhanced during the night however this extra energy slowly dissipates until he returns to a normal demi-god level of functioning. Dean is also a very proficient healer having a natural ability to treat injuries more effectively and can hold back diseases that may affect humans quicker while not the most talented with this particular as his other demi-god siblings he can heal most wounds as well as contain deadly illnesses/diseases.

Fighting Prowess: Being a demi-god Dean has natural fighting instincts he is strong, agile, fast and highly durable compared to humans. Due to his father being Apollo one of the Gods of archery Dean has a natural talent for this weapon and is naturally one of the best archers in the human world able to hit targets that other's couldn't dream of. He is proficient in the use of other weapons however he is less likely to use these.

Precognition- Dean has the ability to foresee the future what he sees will come true he can however observe what may happen and alter them accordingly. He receives this information either through visions that can either be called upon by focusing on a certain event, item or individual, that occur at random point when there is a particularly dangerous situation or when fate decides that he should intervene. This allows him to know what will occur in a matter of days to as long as several years and see the fate of other especially those he has an emotional connection to. In certain instances Dean can receive his vision through dreams though these tend to be extremely cryptic and can often take long to decipher due to their vague and complex nature. This ability also gives Dean an innate sense of danger making it easier for him to avoid attacks as he already innately knows when and how his opponent will attack. A dark side of this ability is that Dean is often able to see when and how a person will die whether it be in the near future or distant future, often he is unable to affect the outcome of these vision due to being unable to change the unavoidable nature that is death.

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Basic Skills and Equipment

Concoctions-By infusing a mixture of substances a witch has to ability to create liquid’s that produce a plethora of effects such as mind control, altering ones appearance, stripping or blocking powers etc... Witches create these liquids by mixing herbs, plants and other natural substances with magical properties. Dean as a witch has this basic ability and is moderately proficient in it creation of variety of concoctions. While a majority of concoctions are drank this is not always the case they can take affect by simple physical contact in fact even there creation can cause the desired affect depending on the particular concoctions ability. However the ingredients alone don’t not equal the creation of a potion one must have some magical talent meaning that mortals cannot create concoction despite having the correct ingredients

Grimoires/Book of Shadows/Tomes-Book of Shadows - A book of Shadows is a magical tome passed down through generations of witches containing thousands of spells, incantations, rituals and potion recipes as well extensive knowledge on supernatural beings. places and events. While not a witch Dean's mother and sister are both witches and so uses his own family Book of Shadows further his knowledge or witchcraft and demonology particularly in relation to vanquishing demons and banishing malevolent spirits back to Underworld. The book itself continually creates more and more pages so that Dean and his sister can add further information to already existing information or new entry's of supernatural entities that he has come across that are not present already as well as spells and potions that they have created.