DC and Marvel Movie Series That Should Be Redone

This is a list and description of every current comic book movie and series that should be redone, different plot, and introduce different characters and villains.

List items

  • I feel as though the X-Men series is heavy on Wolverine more so than other interesting characters. I feel that they should introduce new villains like Mister Sinister, Apocalypse (as they are currently doing), and Shadow King. They need to start with the origin of the first X-Men such as Charles Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Storm, and Beast. Show the dysfunction of Xavier and Magneto and have the rivalry between the X-Men and Brotherhood of evil mutants. They should also make one-off movies similar to The Wolverine like Deadpool and Cable, tie in Storm and T'Challa's marriage, and so forth. They should also make the characters more teenage-like when introducing new ones in new movies.

  • The people who produced the Ghost Rider movies struck out huge with this series. Especially with a high profile actor like Nicholas Cage. First off, it should be a rated R movie to show more of the violence and torment inside of Johnny. He should have been fighting in hell against Vengeance and Blackout while trying to fight Mephisto to get revenge for his curse. The CGI has the potential for an over-the-top and one-of-a-kind look to it. If they produce it similar to this, then it would interest comic book junkies, scary movie watchers, action and violence, while starting up a genre of a fire and brimstone.

  • This one would apply pre-2011. Obviously they weren't as good movies as we had hoped for. The reboot so far is making all of Spider-Man's problems originate from Oscorp. They're developing the Sinister Six and having the Parker vs. Osborn family feud and using Peter's father's death to a purpose instead of the last series. So far, I can only judge this series until after the 2018 Venom movie.

  • The Hulk is a hard character to get right in cinematic form. This is evident by two reboots in five years and three different actors. The Hulk would probably have to be paired up with another hero like Iron Man. Or my favorite option would be a later movie in the MCU would be World War Hulk. That would better fit his character and anger towards heroes. Just imagine a tyrant like Hulk and the intensity that this movie would bring.

  • Its been a while since I've seen either of the two Fantastic Four, but when I saw them, they were more comedic and less compelling characters. Just look at Dr. Doom, arguably the best villain in Marvel was a joke. Don't get me started on the cloud named "Galactus." I'm so glad they are rewriting this movie entirely. Look forward to the new movie March 6, 2015.

  • Lets just forget the first movie and start completely over. I'm glad Marvel is making a Daredevil series on Netflix. I think it would compare to the Arrow series. I can see how the Kingpin could work in a similar fashion as Malcolm Merlyn did in the first season of Arrow. This is the best option for Daredevil going forward.

  • Green Lantern could have been a great space epic and awesome CGI. But, the movie was lackluster for the huge budget of $200,000,000 that it had. Bad production, bad screenplay, bad marketing. Such a shame for a character that is illustrious and famous as the Green Lantern. DC need to produce a new one if they want their Justice League movie to be anywhere as successful as the Avengers was and the Age of Ultron will be.