Hypothetical Naruto Fan Power up:Ultimate Sage Mode

Requirements and Qualifications:

1.You must have Six paths sage mode

2. You must have perfect chakra control

3.You must have Mastered sage mode and absorbing nature energy

What it is: It is a more powerful version of sage mode that immensely boost a six paths sage power user. Essentially its a sage mode on top of a sage mode.

How to acquire and get: Its very simple and all you have to do is focus a immense amount of sage energy directly to your forehead. A sage mode eye coloration will form around the eyes.However you have to be perfectly still and it takes much longer than sage mode to perform. But you can have shadow clones gathering sage energy to make it quicker.And you can absorb sage energy quicker with more experience using the form.

Advantages: This mode immensely boost stats and everything else like normal sage mode does but on a whole another level.A rasenshuriken enhanced by ultimate sage mode can’t be stopped or absorbed. In order to survive you would need to teleport it away. And you can sense chakra anywhere even in space. Doesn’t even matter if you’re suppressed you will still be sensed. And you can also sense chakra in other dimensions and from the very moon itself. And in addition a users perception and precognitive abilities vastly increase.To a point where they could predict almost any move you do before you make it.And frog kumites range is vastly increased to where a user can use it to someone flying high in the sky.Or someone several miles away.

Disadvantages: If you don’t have six paths sage mode or mastery over sage you can’t use it. And if you don’t have the chakra control necessary to handle absorb that must nature energy it would be too much.

I’m still thinking of other abilities I could give this hypothetical fan form. Any advice or help is appreciated. I’m also thinking of more mechanics to make this make more sense.So once again any help is appreciated.

Thank you for reading

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