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Top Ten Characters-September 2012

Ok,now I decided to update my top ten characters every month according to the stories that I read.So here it come.

List items

  • Just read Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe,my fanboyism was increased to OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!

  • I just bought V of Vengeance(that's how it's called in Brazil) and I'm reading it now,simply awesome as this dude is.

  • Read 5-8 editions today,now I need more and can't get it.Btw,I know he isn't dead,he's f***ing Atrocitus.

  • Yup,from the Top Ten Characters deadpoolrules Hates list to the fourth place,that's a colossal leap.I just had to read his stories with more attention to find out that he's awesome.

  • And,again,his stories are awesome and making me love him each time more.Btw,he's Batman,that's a great motive for 5th place.

  • The new comicbook serie of the TMNT was released with his first arc,now he'sin the Top Ten and will keep here for some months.

  • Just read his current story agains Thing,he was a punchbag,that's why he's in 7th and not in 3hd as he should be,but he still awesome.

  • Now that he's back,he can come back to my list.His new "adventures" are so awesome that I'm seriously thinking on buying his t-shirt.

  • His issues are getting strange,but he still being awesome,I love the way he enters in FF.

  • His new arcs made me "Woo Hoo" of happiness

  • I know you are asking yourself "Wasn't this a Top Ten?",well,it's and I think Jamie is tied with Venom. New-52 Blue Beetle edition 1-6 fell in my hands yesterday,I just couldn't stop reading,the story and the art are awesome.