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Top Ten Characters-October 2012

Yeah,its me again,just doing my monthly top ten.

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  • Got to give the 1st place for this awesome dude,I read lots of stories with him recently,I can say that he surely knows how to appear.

  • Yeah,his stories are getting better and better.

  • Well,he is Batman and his stories are great,can't wait to read the great encounter of him and his brother.Also,I read Punisher and Batman,loved it,even not being Bruce Wayne.

  • This month I read his stories and can't wait to get more.

  • Still here,he is the 2nd best character from the New 52.

  • Had to see the movies and read some comics after the horrible news about a new film.He always impress me,such a badass dude.

  • Yeah,I saw many old cartoons this month,but his was the best.

  • Reading Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe and read Batman and Batman,both are awesome,thanks for being badass,Frank!

  • I can almost taste Halo 4 and the many hours of fun.

  • R.I.P Dom,I miss you and played the whole campaign again this month,just skiping the scene where you dies,because I didn't wanted you to.

    If anyone wants to cry: