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deadpoolrules' favourite characters of all time-Top Ten

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  • What can I say,the character is awesome and has some really good stories,he matches my personality almost perfectly and is badass when he wants to.

  • A man who fought against Hlk his whole life turns into a Hulk,this part is already nice,now plus this with the characters he beat and the problems he face on the newer comics,it's,at least,great.

  • Well.the good old Peter and his life full of troubles,all of his stories mean that you MUST face your problems and go after what you want,despite being a great character with great villains,it still having a meaning:"Never give up."

  • The bully that becomes the "nerd" biggest fan and join tge army.Lost his two legs,making life harder to him.Starts using the symbiont as a special opperations suit,now that's nice.

  • Well,I don't know if you realised,but the story behind the Hulk is about a well succeded man that won his childish aspects again,becoming angry,dumb,innocent and other characteristics.One of the best characters ever.

  • He's Batman.Ok,done with the explanation.

  • The Red Lantern's creator and strongest member,a terrifying past,the lost of his family and all because of a Guardian.That could piss of anyone.

  • Well,the Halo series were awesome and I can't wait until november to see Halo 4.He also is the Chuck Norris of the future,he never dies.Also the fact most of people don't know his face add a cool mistery to the histories

  • Well,as a fan of Spider-Man,I couldn't let the fact that a new Spider-Girl would appear only stay there in the bookstores.When I first read it,I loved it,making Anya rank up to the position 9 of my top ten in matter of hours.Also her boyfriend is really a nice guy.And also she is really cute,at least I think so.

  • Yeah,Reptil.Since I was a little kid,I loved dinosaurs,and then I realise there's a hero that can turn into dinosaurs,kissed Anya Corazón(Spider-Girl) and now is dating her and is part of Avengers academy.I was like:"WOW!!!!!!!!"