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Deadpool The Game - 'Review'

As promised to @samimista,I will do this review,but it will be a different review,so if you're a hater of the game,please don't read this,because this will make you hate me and the game even more.

People know I'm a big Deadpool fan,but I did this the most neutral way possible and the game takes a respectful and well deserved 8/10 in my opinion,now let's see why:

The game wasn't meant to be groundbreaking,or innovate something.It also wasn't supposed to present Deadpool,so you need to have a base on the character to play it.Well,it was meant to be a game for fans and people who want to dig a little bit deeper on Deadpool.I think that,in terms of following what they promised,they did well.Also,the fun factor,I'll be honest,I never had so much fun on a game,maybe playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 or Halo 4,but this game hardly pisses me of,which is easy =P

Now moving to the three aspects I always analyze:


The campaign is really well made,I mean,the 4th wall breakings,the characters,it is everything on it's place and it is everything how a Deadpool game should be.The plot is well made,yet crazy,but hey,it is a Deadpool game,right?

It starts with Deadpool in his apartment,checking his voice mail.When Peter De La Peña says "No" about his game,he explodes something at High Moon and accomplish to have the game done.The plot consists on Mr.Sinister's plan to kill everyone in the whole world,but the plan is not fully explained,since Deadpool wasn't paying attention to Cable's explanation(typical).


Now this is the part where it gets ichy.I think the gameplay was average.I'm used to play beat 'em up games,as Crackdown 2,so I recognize the controls are easier than they seem to be,actually,just stick to the basic and you will survive.

The Challenge mode is challenging,even more than it,the Infinite Mode is f***ing impossible to accomplish(if it can be accomplished),but that is what it was meant to be.The best part is the skins,oh,Ultimate Deadpool,how this skin is awesome.

The difficulty 'Ultra Violence!' is pretty challenging too,I would reccomend playing at the normal mode first(which I totally forgot the name).


Again,it was not meant to be groundbreaking,so the graphics are average too.Actually,they were 'comicbook graphics'.You can differ what is one thing and what is another thing,so that's what matter.

The end?Nope,just the beginning:

I have tortured and forced myself to read the other reviews in order to realize what is right and what is wrong.Well,the complaints are all repetitive and annoyingly wrong,it's hard to find something really descent,so here we go,fighting against the most common 'problems'.

  • "The game is repetitive":Well,you're probably saying that because you fight enemies all over and they look repetitive:they are Mr.Sinister's clones and also,hack 'nd slash games have repetitive enemies,don't you remember TMNT?Also,this argument would point the fact that CoD Zombies is a waste of time,since it's basically:'buy weapons,kill zombies and buy upgrade',also,all the old school games would become obsolete by this point of view,which is repugnant since even Halo has enemies that look alike and it's still being one of the best games ever.
  • "Too much violence." or "The humor is too dark/juvenile.":It is Deadpool,for godsake's,if it wasn't violent,hasn't black and juvenile jokes all the time,it would not be Deadpool.Also,it's not that way all the time,there are pretty funny moments where he don't use dark/juvenile jokes.

And this three 'problems' are repeated all over again in reviews around the world.I bet that who played the game isn't a Deadpool fan,or even worse,never heard of him.

Now it ended,right?

No,now it's time for my Top 5 lists!

Top Five Moments:

  1. Slapping Wolverine a bunch of times.
  2. The first cutscene and the first two achievments.
  3. "Who the fuck is Cable?"
  4. The second time he kills a Sinister's clone,a.k.a the Twitter part.
  5. The bathroom scene(the whole lot of jokes)

Top Five Weapons:

  1. Hammer - It gives a lot of damage and can help you cleaning up the mess.
  2. Katanas - The standart gear,but still being awesome!
  3. Plasma Rifles - Because it makes me remember Halo and because they can deal a lot of damage,very useful on the last stage.
  4. Pistols - Yup,the pistols are great for shootings and headshots.
  5. Shotguns - "Can you be more of a noob?Shotguns?!" that quote got me.

Top Five Cameos:

  1. Cable
  2. Mr.Sinister
  3. Wolverine
  4. Rogue
  5. Gambit

Now it is over!

Now it is finally over.Any doubts on how getting achievments.Send me an e-mail or a message on Facebook or maybe a PM here.

Facebook:Lucca Bali (the first letter is an 'L')


Brazilian Manifestations

I had to come back in here to share this with you guys,mostky because I've always wanted to see a manifestation or participate of one,but it's taking monstruos proportions and I'm glad to see that the people have awaken.The Giant Has Awaken.

It all started with the though political years,with many controversial topics,mostly about corruption:we have a poor system,public schools are awful,hospitals are crowded and poor,with no adequate proffesionals(people have to wait even months),but we still having money to pay for Pnamerican Games,Olympic Games and the World Cup,politicians live a great life with everything they want,while we have 'favelas' on all the major cities,we have hunger,poverty.When they inaugurated the stadium 'Mané Garrincha' on country's capital Brazilia(no,it's not Buenos Aires xD) people in the game booed the president Dilma and after the game,it had a manifestation.

You think it ended on the game?Nope,it did not.13th of June,people go to street to manifestate,thousands of people,but was it only about those 0,20 cents they added to the bus tax?They say so,but it is really deeper than that.Well,the manifestation was great,people released that shout that was inside them all the time,but government is a bad loser,so they told the policemen to act violently,people that weren't manifestating were arrested and harmed,they started using tear gas and rubber bullets on the middle of the cars and it was a PACIFIC MANIFESTATION,a journalist was hit in the eye by a bullet,she has 5% of chance of recovering her vision,I won't describe it much,I have a video that can do that for me,just turn on subtitles,otherwise,you won't get a thing...

Was it over now?No,17th of June,many manifestations,around the whole country,we invaded the equivalent of the White House,I mean,we showed those bastards that they must fear us,millions of people on the streets,policemen getting spanked for interfering,the manifestation was so huge and so great that it is happening also on other countries,like Ireland,Canada,United States,France,Italy and many others!That's a shocking movement and also right in time,we need it.

It is happening now,in São Paulo,Rio de Janeiro and a lot of other cities,Brazil,together as one.We will modify this country into a better thing,we will show government why it is called 'democracy'.

Photos and videos:

Invasion on the Central Plateau
Invasion on the Central Plateau

A police officer breaking the glass of his own car to blame the manifestants.

The tear gas bombs used had already passed their validation date:december/2010
The tear gas bombs used had already passed their validation date:december/2010
Those flowers will hurt a lot,let's shoot them!
Those flowers will hurt a lot,let's shoot them!
A couple that was found on a bar,after the manifestation and got beaten up and arrested for participating.
A couple that was found on a bar,after the manifestation and got beaten up and arrested for participating.
Traducing:According to the newspaper
Traducing:According to the newspaper "The State of São Paulo",a moral effect bomb(tear gas) was thrown by the shock troop and broke the glass of a car,where a 74 years old sir was,on the Bela Cintra Street,on the center of São Paulo,during the fight of cops and manifestants in the beginning of Thursday's night.Note:Whoever got close to the car to help the man would get shot.

A journalist was surrounded by seven cops,whom beat him,because being a journalist is really dangerous to the society...

They simply need to appeal to violence,what did the reporter do?He's just doing his job!
They simply need to appeal to violence,what did the reporter do?He's just doing his job!


Chimichanga Reviews - Injustice:Gods Among Us

No Caption Provided

Hello earthlings and other Viners,and welcome to another episode of Chimichanga Reviews,with your host Deadpool DPR.This review will be about a great game to us,comicbook fans and also one of the best fighting games I ever played(nothing can top Marvel Vs Capcom 2 =P)

As my first review(Halo 4),I'll divide this into three different topics,which I shall judge:Campaign,which involves the main story;Gameplay,which involves all the single and multiplayer modes,if the commands are easy,etc;Graphics,involving the games environment,if you can actually identify what is what.Let's start,than.


The campaign of this game is based of the comic series "Injustice" and is a great adaptation.It tells the story of a different universe,where Superman accidentally killed Lois Lane when poisoned by Joker,than killed him.In this different universe,two factions appear,the Regime,a group lead by Superman,which has the world's protection as an objective,and will do it by any necessary way;and the Insurgence,which has as objective stopping Superman's madness,the group is lead by Batman and actually have a chance of winnimg this 'war' when this dimension Batman brings some heroes from the Earth-One dimension.

The campaign is short but full of twists and it also does help you with training.It's minigames are fun and present a challenge to the player.It is worth to play,in other words.


The gameplay is the highlight of all fighting games and it will ever be,with Injustice,it's what most called my attention because of two things:easy button mashing and awesome unique character's abilities.

Injustice's singleplayer modes are great,I mean,one thing is just a "Versus" mode all the time,other is different kind of battles,Injustice has both.You can simply enter the Battles mode and fight classical to unlock endings or you can fight battles while poisoned,withouth recharging your health,only against heroes.The Star Labs is also a great way to spend your time,you don't need to simply win,you can always try again and again to unlock the three stars.

The multiplayer is also really good,you can practice with friends on training modes or have a tournament of King of the Hill with eight friends,it's all up to you.The ranked matches are also a great way to improve your skills,but,please,do not spam Deathstroke or Joker,otherwise,I'll have to kill you =P


The graphics are great,you can tell everything you see on the stage with no further problems,but it isn't better than it,I mean,the game is very poor in details,Wonder Woman hair doesn't move,for example,or even worse,when you win a fight with Bane,he'll walk to the enemy and pretend he will stab him,but missing on purpose a few centimeters,if the enemy has a cape,it will simply go through his body.

I do understand it is a fighting game and that it wasn't focused on graphics,but there are people that do care about it.


Talking about a subject that won't affect the verdict,the DLC character:Lobo.

In my opinion,he was a great call,I say this not only as a comics fan,but as a fighting game fan too.His combos are great and his special moves cover great distances,but he's mainly a close ranged character.I personally liked him a lot and loved his ability and hyper move(yeah,yeah,Marvel Vs Capcom player's tend to call the last moves as hyper moves/combos).One hint to all of you:

  • Xbox 360:X+X+A+LT+RT > try that as Lobo,before the last blow hits,use the hyper move(LT + RT),it is unblockable.Use the ability before the combo =D
  • Playstation 3:Square+Square+Cross+R2+L2 > try that as Lobo,before the last blow hits,use the hyper move(R2 + L2,I think),it is unblockable.Use the ability before the combo =D

DPR's Favourites-Top 5:

  1. Aquaman is a tank,I love to troll Deathstroke and Flash spammers with this dude.
  2. Doomsday is a great brute character with strong blows,too bad he's slow,but that isn't such a problem.
  3. Lobo is a close ranged due,but still being annoying if you know how to use him.I may lose health easily with him,but I'll take you down xD
  4. Deathstroke is a long ranged character,a close ranged character,a mid ranged character,resuming,an annoying character.I spam this dude for trolling,but not always.
  5. Nightwing is a close ranged dude and also a great combo maker,I just love when I hit the right buttons and manage to do a 10 or even greayer combo.

Final Grade:8,5

That's right,it is an awesome game,but it has some little details to improve.

DPR's Reaction:

No Caption Provided


Seven Classic Films With Plot Holes

  1. Toy Story - The idea is that Buzz doesn't accept he's a toy,but how come he stay still whenever there are humans near?
  2. Back to the Future - How did Marty McFly didn't realised that one of her crushes,that she met as Calvin Klein,is exactly the same of her son?
  3. Waterworld - Paper is one of the rarest materials on this film,but how can characters smoke paper cigarretes all the time?
  4. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arch - If you take out Indiana Jones of the film,the nazis would go to Nepal,would take the amulet to the map room,would have killed Marion,would open the arch and melt.
  5. Gremlins - If you can't feed your Gremlin after midnight,when are you supposed to feed him again?All the time is after midnight!!!
  6. Karate Kid - Tournament rule:You cannot kick the opponent in the face,and how does Daniel San win?With a straight kick to the opponent's face.
  7. Harry Potter - All the events that happened could be reverted if they used the Time-Turner,which only appeared at the Prisioner of Azkaban.

I found this at:


Ruining Lion King

Warning:deadpoolrules isn't responcible for any lost,burned,stomped or blown away childhoods.

How to describeLion King?

Well,one of the better films I ever saw,great soundtrack and plot,emotional and classic.But I saw it with more attention,here are some hidden dark messages we can get from it:

  • Comunists - The hienas march remembers us of soldiers lead by one dictator(Scar).
  • Nazis - Same as above.

  • Racism - All the villains(hienas and Scar) have dark fur,while the heroes have white fur.Pumba was just a way they found to hide this fact.
  • Homossexuality - When a lion becomes the leader of the group,he ban the other males so he can have all the females just for him,which takes us to the question,"Why did Scar didn't had any children in all those years?"
  • Muslims hate - When the hienas march,Scar is standing in a high place and we can see a half moon,which is the simble of muslims.

  • Italian mafia - Scar is the name that some close friends called Scarface(Al Capone)
  • Incest - If the only lion who can have children is the leader,Nala should be Simba's sister.
  • Explicit sex - When Simba and Anala meet,after the whole song,they lay down together and,suddenly,her eyes change and she seems to want something

Other facts:

  • Scar and Jafar have the same face style and voice

  • Off-topic now,did you realise that the first three princess from Disney were created in a time where women weren't respected and were treated as objects,so Cinderella,Snow White and Sleeping Beauty couldn't save themselves(women can't do anything right when alone) so they needed to be saved by a prince(men).

Borderlands 2 (Late) Review

Sorry,I'm REALLY late,but I can explain,I passed most of the time playing Borderlands 2 with all characters,reaching max levels of all,searching for easter eggs,"interviewing" friends that play a lot this game,playing Halo 4,etc.And now,my conclusions:

The Game:

Borderlands 2 is a shoot and loot game,which consists on getting itens that drop from the enemies when you kill them.It has a great campaign,you're a Vault Hunter that must stop an evil corporation,Hyperion,to reach he Vault and control the Warrior,the multiplayer is nice,you can team-up with 4 players to play,and the enemies become stronger,helping you with XP,also,the loot gets better.Now,I'll get into details:


Main Quests:

The main quests are great,mixing exploration of the map,funny moments,nice characters,places full of enemies and though bosses.Sometimes its really annoying that you have to go to the other side of the map(which is huge,by the way) and give up.In my opinion,patient is one of your best options for this game.

For example,when you have to kill 5 bandit cars and you already killed 4,yesterday,I did this mission again and the 5th car took 30 minutes to appear!30 f***ing minutes!

Side Quests:

The side quests are a great way of leveling up,they give you tons of experience and,sometimes,great weapons or shields.Some side quests are also easter eggs,for example:

Splinter's Group quest:You have to deliver a pizza,when you deliver it,four dudes named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will appear and fight you(Leo,Don,Raph and Mich),after killing them and getting any good itens they dropped,you'll try to get out by a room,if you hit the televison 3 times,both levers 3 times and the valve 3 times,an enemie called Flinter(Splinter) will appear and fight you,the dude is though,I took 5 min to kill him,and 2 Deathtraps :P
He'll drop some nice itens,after it,open the chest,if you're REALLY lucky(like I was :P),you'll find Nova Shield,a shield that bursts on fire when its broken.

Easter Eggs:

One thing that Borderlands 2 mastered is easter eggs,there are tons of it,from Minecraft to Batman.I found many of them,some of them help you getting a(n) achievment/trophy.My personal favourite is the one that they made for their fan,that died with cancer D=

Overall for Campaign:9,5-It is nearly perfect,but it must improve some errors and fix some bugs.



Borderlands was made for the cooperative multiplayer style,it allows 4 players to explore the map at their will,make enemies toughe,so the game is still challenging,you can grab ammo(even if not needed) to troll your friends,etc.But the coolest thing is that the loot is better,you know,the chance of finding rare itens is better,I always find at least one rare iten with other player,but most of the time someone picks it first :/


The problem with the competitive multiplayer is that there aren't enough modes,you can duel for fun or for an iten,nothing more,but its still funny.Another bad point is that anyone can duel with anyone,so if you accidentaly hit your friend and he hits you back,you're going to have a bad time.

Overall for Multiplayer:8,5-Great,but needs improvment.


The graphics are great,the cartoon style make the game perfect,it just fits.Also,the weapons and places are always almost perfect,the only problem is that it takes some time to load :/

Overall for Graphics:9,5-Reaching perfection,just make the graphics load faster and you'll have a 10


The 23 songs that are part of the soundtrack are perfect and "Short Change Hero"-The Heavy was a great choice.fits the intro perfectly and describes the game very well.

Overall for Soundtrack:10-Perfect,please do not change it.

Overall for the game:9,5

Its a great game,I would reccomend it,if you like fps's or if you're looking for a new kind of game,Borderlands 2 is definetively your choice.


Brazil Stuff:Latino Vs Caue Moura - The Battle For Gangnam Style

Well,I'm going to start doing this monthly with the major happenings in Brazil,something that calls on attention,so today I'll talk a little bit of the fight between the vlogger(video blogger) Caue Moura and the musician that copied Gangnam Style,Latino.


First I would like to point that both have some points where they made mistakes,especially Latino.Well,the story begun when Latino released a song on YouTube,called "Festa de Solteiro" or "Single's Party",the video was the clip of Gangnam Style with a different letter,that took two weeks to be made,according to Latino,and still being a crap.

Why it's a crap?

His music is basically all about repeating the same thing the whole time,which shows that creativity isn't his area,and it also prejudice the women's image,since he says he want to "ride" them.Oh,and he released this music when he had only 25% of the copyright,making it against law,but what happened?NOTHING!

The video was such a shame that it has 150155 dislikes and near to 6000 likes,passing the most horrible thing brazilian music could do,Aí se eu te pego.

Positive points?

It has an end.

Caue Moura:

This dude made a video called "Tribute to Latino" that criticized him very badly,humiliating him and telling some bad suff that shouldn't been told.

Why is it a crap?

Believe me,it isn't,but he did insult Latino in some personal ways,which sucked for him,because he almost got arrested.

Positive points?

It was everything that all the people with critic sense wanted to tell,his video had 2.000.000 likes and even made a fan of Latino make a music offending Caue,that,when asked if he thought Latino did it,said:"Nah,that one was actually good,so I doubt that it was him"

Panico(Panic) Interference:

Well,it was all going well in this "fight" over the Internet,Latino was being criticized as hell,he almost left Twitter because of it,but then,a stupid TV program called Panico(Panic) entered in action,interviewing both sides and editing so Latino had the edge.

Who took the glories?

Latino,of course,since he's already used to been interviwed and also has a different form of act,called money.

Who looked like a jerk?

Caue Moura's lines were totally edited,it looked like he was trying to say sorry to Latino,which wasn't and isn't his intention,he claims that "It was a joke,I was criticizing his music,not him.If he want to arrest me,he can try,but remember who violate the image of women,his letters are waaaaay more offensive than mine".When asked what he thought about the song,he said:"It's a song made for idiot people to dance",this created a mess,peole that like Latino caled him from things you don't even want to know.

The Face-Off:

Caue was took by Panic to a radio stage,where Latino was performing,to meet him,the edition Panic did was horrible,they made Caue look like a jerk and Latino took all the glories again,Moura even did a video after it,telling that the guys who weren't his fans anymore,because of Panic's program should be ashamed,"cause they made me look like a retard,it wasn't even what I said,they just edited my lines"


Caue Moura is mostly right,he has the right to express himself,but offending other people is something that isn't so good,principally on Internet.The edition that the TV made was proved by many people that was made only to make Latino appear as the vyctim,which he's not.Caue had 90% of the approval on the Internet,according to Twitter.Many users of YouTube made rage videos,supporting Caue's idea,one even said:"So,I'm talking badly about you,wanna arrest me too?".All the comedians from Brazil supported Caue and some of his fans said:"Every fan of yours will donate money and we'll free you,than we put Latino-b!tch in jail !"

So,who you guys think that's right?



Caue Moura