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My RPG character:

Codename:Gray Shadow

Real name:Lucca Bali

Age:About 30-31


Alliases:Shadow,The Shadow


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Eyes:Dark Brown



Gray Shadow was a boy in a chaotic future,the neo-nazis were trying to take control of the world,he lived in Amazon with his parents and the rest of the American Nazi Colonies rebels,than,one day,he was sent by his father to Euroasia,to become part of the Super Soldier project,but the true motive was that the nazis had discovered the hidden base and would,eventually,attack.They did....and destroyed everything he called home,the rebels held them for a while,but nothing that reinforcements couldn't take care of.

In Euroasia,he mastered technology and some martial arts quicker than the other boys,he had better conditions into becoming the first super soldier.One day,he was taken to a lab and told that he would have the honor of being the first rebel to actually match the nazis technology,he became the first Avenger super soldier and also won a kick ass armor.

In one of his first missions,he was captured by nazi soldiers and took to a experimental lab,they did many experiments on him,making his skin full of scars,and even tried to brainwash him to become the Superior Nazi,but that didn't had any effect.He pretended he was under their control,he killed people,innocent people to maintain his disguise,that until they gave him some nanobots that would heal him,because,as his metabolism was the best among humans,he could support something like that.It gave him a molecular healing factor.He destroyed the base that night,no one was able to stop him.

Back to the rebels,he was put to lead a group called Gray Crusaders,most of them were his friends.They were sent into an almost suicidal mission,in which only Lucca survived.Than he was put to lead another group,The Shadows.That group had more succes than the other,they were able to make a deep mess into the nazi forces,he was starting to like his new group,specially a young lady that fought by his side,but a trap mission made him lose all his team members.He was shocked,he promised vengeance,and that he did.

After years of fights,he and the rebels finally got to defeat the nazis.Tired of wars and seeking for inner peace,he travels place by place,trying to get his redemption,named after the ones that marked his life,Gray Shadow...


  • Molecular healing
  • Above peak human strenght and skills
  • Advanced intellect


Energy sword:

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The weapon he uses most,a sword thought and designed by himself,it can heat itself,making it easier to cut through metals,but losing energy quicker than usual.

Sniper Rifle M72:

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Another weapon designed by himself.A sniper rifle made to kill silently and quickly,it has a suppressor added to its cane and also shoots faster than the other rifles,giving the user some mobility.

Energy shield:Accoplated to his armor,the energy shields can support lots of damage,but take a litttle while to recharge.

Grenades:Gray Shadow has a diversity of grenades,fire ones,explosives,tacticals.

Grapple device:

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A device created by the rebel forces.Its able to stick to almost every surface,but don't have a good range.It can only grab stuff that is 100 m or less near the user.Shadow has two of this attached to his armor wrists,one in each arm.

He'll update his armor conform I RP,stay tunned =P


As said before,Gray Shadow master some martial arts,including:Taekwondo,Boxing,Karate,Kung Fu,Krav Maga,Capoeira(due to being created in Brazil),Jiu Jitsu and Judo.