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Kick-Ass 001 Review - Some Ass Got Bad! 5

IntroductionI got into Kick-Ass because of the movie. First time I watched it I was 9-years-old. So I couldn't understand many of the jokes of the movie. In a funny situation, I asked my sister what cock meant... In public...Now that I'm older, I'm mature enought to understand the wild nature and conduct of the characters. So I'm officially ready to read the comics that seem quite interesting.The ReviewStory:Wait, so the movie is completely based on the comic? Ah man, I already know what's going...

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Batman: Year One Review - The Birth of a Batfan 5

Year One Special Edition is the only Batman comic I've read in my 13 years of life. Except for some Batman comics that were non-canon. Which I don't count.Let's go to the rating!The ReviewStory:I don't know what you people would think of the story. In my point of view, this is original. And considering the original and classic story was made 1939, it has more reasons to why it is original. Now the way the depict the story in this is confusing. Flashbacks and stuff. Some sort of action scenes tha...

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Man of Steel 2013 Review - First DC Movie I've Watched and I've Loved 7

So yesterday I watched Man of Steel but there was a buffering problem. I got mad so I watched it tomorrow, which is basically today.Let's get into the review. What I like, what I didn't like much, and what I loved.The ReviewStory:I can't say “Wow! This movie is original!” because, well, it's based on a comic. So I have to say, in my point of view, that it is accurate to the original story. They did well on keeping the truth to the story and the way they showed it. I have to admit tha...

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