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Kick Ass 2 #7 (Icon) 0

This issue is dedicated to street fighting. Yes!! I thought as I got my hands on the issue. Little did I know what waited in store for me!The Good:The story so far has been interesting. We all know the story on Kick Ass 1. With 2 Miller has pulled out all the stops. Loads of action this issue. Large amounts of blood and gore. This was an all out, smash mouth, jaw punching, crotch kicking, bone breaking issue. Definite must read for all of you who like fast paced action in your comics. The script...

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Deadpool MAX II #6 (Marvel) 0

You have to love how everything seems so different in Deadpool Max II.I mean Weasel does stunt diving, looks weirder than usual. Bob from Hydra, is Action Agent Bob.THE GOOD:-As usual with a Deadpool comic, the script. The fact that you have a mad man running around being the hero is always fun. It gives you so much room to work.The story has the characters visit THE DEADPOOL, (for the uninitiated, that’s the facility where Deadpool was ‘made’) Fight some and not so much. This is more about that...

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The Avengers Prelude: Fury's Big Week #5(of 8) (Marvel) 0

It’s beautiful how the comic’s first page has The Hulk smashing a humvee and Fury going “$#*%”.Now the story follows what S.H.I.E.L.D is doing behind the scenes of the Marvel movies that we've seen so far. This one follows parts of The Incredible Hulk and Thor. Between the chaos of Blonsky and the Hulks fight and the battle of Thor with the Destroyer armour the scenes cut to Fury and various agents and of course how the ever beautiful Natasha Romanov has been involved in ...

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Age Of Apocalypse #1 (Marvel) 0

A world where nothing seems the same. Where people once heroes, are now tyrants. Where we humans are on the verge of extinction. Where mankind’s last hope seemingly lies in the hands of one William Stryker.Confused? You shouldn’t be. Welcome to an extension of the acclaimed Age of Apocalypse (AoA).Now I know many of you, if not all, are familiar with the original Age of Apocalypse saga. This one will make you want more. The story so far says that though Apocalypse is dead, his hatred...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello (IDW Publishing) 0

Now here’s a name everyone’s heard at some point or the other. Whether it’s the original in black and white comics or the cartoon or even the movies, we've all loved them at some point in our lives.The newest issue in the mini-series is the story of one of the turtles (clearly!). This is young Donatello’s story of love, life, fear, hate and self discovery...... I’m just playing with you!!The Good:The story. Nice to see a story focus on just Don. Exploring one charac...

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G.I Joe: A real American hero - Annual #1 (IDW Publishing) 0

So, I just finished reading this and I’ve got to say I was quite happy with it. Granted it has its ups and downs, but for the most of it, it was fun. So let’s get down to it shall we?The Good:It had the same feel as the old animated TV show that I know, which was a good thing for me, because I really loved that show. The character art has the classic feel to it which kept me happy and I got to see some of my favourite characters like Gung-Ho, Scarlett, Zartan and the Dreadnoks!!The B...

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Daken: Dark Wolverine #22 (Marvel) 0

Daken is an amazing character. I don’t think I can get enough of him. He is truly the son of Wolverine and more.THE GOOD:Daken is written incredibly well. So dark, so evil, twisted and yet so bloody smart. His conversations, his dialogue, his calm cool demeanour are just something that make him an extremely cool character to read about. The story is good, not great. What really works is the character himself.THE BAD:The story. That was my major problem. It drags. The excessive dialogue the...

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Avengers Assemble #1 (Marvel) 0

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!I've always wanted to say that, along with a whole bunch of other things.So anyway, to the point. Avengers Assemble #1. Excellent read. Basically meant to be an easy-to-access series with the team from the upcoming movie meant to serve as accessible to less regular readers.THE GOOD:The story is interesting. I like the Avengers cast seen here. I enjoyed the villains that they have. The Zodiac are an interesting concept explored as super-humans, each named after a sigh of the z...

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Deadpool #52 (Marvel) 0

Finally the new Deadpool is here! I was so happy when I saw it, ITS AWESOME! GO READ IT NOW! I GIVE IT 10 ON 10! ...there, review done...[No it isn’t, don’t be an idiot!]{Fine...}So the little yellow boxes tell me I need to write a “proper” review. I honestly think Deadpool is amazing and saying just that is review enough. So, without further ado.The Good:Honestly, everything. I’m not trying to be biased, but I love Deadpool comics for the simple reason that they're...

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Avengers vs. X-Men #0 (Marvel) 0

Interesting. Avengers vs X-men. This prologue gives a nice intro into what the story will be like.THE GOOD:The story concept. Avengers vs the X-men. This is just waiting to become epic. The story of this issue itself is very interesting. You see the focus on the Scarlet Witch in the first half and learn some not-so-nice things about her, if you didn’t know already. The second half focuses on the mutant messiah, Hope Summers. It’s a good read. The imagination does run a little wild th...

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Teen Titans Annual #1 (DC) 0

So I decided to take a break from the Good, Bad and Funny format this time. I decided to just go with it. Let’s begin...So the first thing you notice about the Teen Titans is the costumes. THEY ARE STRAIGHT OUT OF TRON. What the hell were they thinking?! Why do they do shit like this?!Okay, so the artwork (apart from the costumes) is pretty badass! The detailing is pretty good, as one should expect with mainstream DC stuff.The story is interesting. The Titans find themselves in a strange p...

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Hell Yeah #3 (Image) 0

So quick recap: Ben's from across the multiverse are dying. And alternate Ben's girlfriend is here to save the day. Someone is killing the Ben’s. Who and why?The Good :The story. Twisty, weird, intriguing and leaves you wanting more. We found out last issue that it’s Ben’s mom that has been killing of his alternates. Now the story goes on to tell us what the bloody hell is happening and how the girls landed up on thisearth. And a whole bunch of Ben's show up including a female ...

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Deadpool #54 (Marvel) 0

“It’s here. It’s here.” I screamed, as I jumped for joy. The new Deadpool has arrived, and I’m back with you’re almost weekly dose of....The Good, The Bad and The Funny!The Good :As you know if you’ve been following this story-arc, (shame on you if you haven’t) Deadpool has been injected with a serum that negates his healing factor. Now Wade is mortal. Can’t heal, the cancer is probably coming back too for all we know. All because he wants to...

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Deadpool #55 (Marvel) 0

So deviating from the good the bad and the funny, I have decided that to stick to a regular format this week.This is the first issue of Wade going on an adventure COMPLETELY MORTAL!! (physically anyway...)Yea that is strange DP fans. Good ol’ Wade is now healing-factor-less. And now his usual shenanigans CAN kill him. Logically enough, this is called Deadpool:Reborn, and you see him adjusting to a certain level of normalcy. Which is weird for Wade. Who even with his old decent face back, w...

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Batman Inc. #1 (DC) 0

So much blood!!The issue gets going from a couple of pages in with a whole bunch of action and blood and beating-the-living-hell out of a bunch of guys in weird masks. Yes, weirder than Batman’s. They look like goat heads. Goat heads trump bat ears in weirdness. This issue also marks the introduction of Bat-Cow, and Damian stating he is now vegetarian.Damian has a price on his head. Apparently set by his mom to get Batman’s attention. At the same time a bunch of villains known as Lev...

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Mighty Thor annual #1 (Marvel) 0

The first thing that struck me was the cover : Excellent! It’s got the surfer too!!The issue opens with a conversation between The Watcher and The Scrier where Watcher reveals he knows of the plans that Scrier has for Earth - and these plans have the power to strike a bit of fear into the heart of even Galactus (at least a little bit!!). We then meet Donald Blake (a.k.a Thor – this is how he lives amongst mortals). He’s in a diner with a friend who gets a headache and suddenly ...

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Earth 2 #2 (DC) 0

Ladies, gentlemen and other species. Welcome back to Earth 2. And boy what a welcome it is!It’s time for a match between Holt and Sloan. “TERRIFIC?” I thought, as I saw them. So basically Earth-1’s Mr. Terrific (this is the point where you go “oh that’s what terrific meant” ) has landed up on Earth-2 by accident, and right there waiting for him is Terry Sloan. The first Mr. Terrific from Earth-1, plain ol’ smartest man here. There's fighting, Sloan...

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Deadpool #56 (Marvel) 0

So a quick recap. Deadpool is mortal. No healing factor. Last issue took down a bunch of super villains, but got his rear handed to him by the Trapster. Yes the guy who likes to shoot glue at people.This issue, Wade decides he needs to get his act together and goes to Taskmaster to be trained.Then he tries to break into a S.H.I.E.L.D facility. Does fairly well, gets set up. And I’m constantly wondering “how, oh how, is this guy doing this without his healing factor?” Does he no...

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Not bad, Not good, but not bad 0

Alright, For those of you who have read the comic book RED by Warren Ellis, will know what kind of man Moses was. To take this movie from the comic book point of view, my first reaction was "WTF???" But seriously, thats any comic book lovers, sorry true comic lovers, reaction to movies based on comic books and graphic novels. I know people who say the movie was better than the comic. :S Anyway back to the point, After Im done criticizing the movie while I'm watching it, I tend to change my viewp...

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