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Random List

For a long time Ive wanted to make a list, but I never figured out a title.  
So now I just decided to call it a random list and put a bunch of things in it, and maybe give a reason as to why I put them there/why I like them/or some jibber jabber!! 
So heres to the Random list.

List items

  • Kyle Rayner, not everyones favourite lantern!! But he is mine! Though not as "cool" as Jordan, or as much of a Bad**s as Guy, or Cool and collected like Stewart, this boy thinks up some crazy stuff with his ring.

  • I want one!!! (Just like almost everyone else, although but acting like this I should probably go for the Orange one.. oh greedy me!!)

  • The smartest flash

  • The funniest flash. Also I believe one of the most powerful ones!! definitely not the smartest though

  • My opinion, the flash with the most potential.

  • Now this boy is bad ass... walks into a bar full of bad guys, and just goes "Most of you know me, or you know my reputation, who wants to start something"

    Eat S*** Keanu, you could never pull of Constantine!!

  • Everybody loves the detective. No powers, no super strength, no shit.

    Just pure physical perfection and a mind to match. (not to mention the billions of dollars in money that fund his war on crime)

  • My favourite Robin.

    I think this boy is a true and worthy successor to the mantle of the Bat.

    Graysons great and all, but Drake has the right mind.

  • How many suits does he have!!! I wonder if he'll give me one?

  • My favourite comic character!!! You wonder why he's so far down.. I didnt want to play favourites after all no did I.

    [yellow box- Liar!! You dont love us anymore]

    {white box- Uh-huh, resum fressum}

  • Same reasons I love DP, lol these guys crack me up!

  • Photographic reflex's, I mean come on!!! That is wicked cool!!

  • Everybody's fav berserker finally makes his appearance, you got a problem with that Bub!!!

  • What!! I like manga!! Go Ishigo!! (yes I realise I just said 5 15 in japanese)

  • No 1 knuckleheaded Ninja... Lol. hyperactive thing

  • Supposed to be one of, if not the best martial artist in the Marvel Universe!!

  • Am I a spiderman fan, YES! am i a tobey maguire fan, NO!!!

  • I just realised I didnt put any women. :P

    This ones for Egod!!

  • You really want to know why he's here!

  • Dost Thou not Know'eth The Thunder God born!!

  • Whoa mama!! :P

    She slices, she dices, aaaand she can cook!!

  • I loved this girl as batgirl!! Bring her back!!

  • Blue Fuzzy thing that goes bump in the night!!

    Got to love him

  • One of the most under appreciated heros in the DCU, people forget how powerful he really is!!

  • Arrrrr, need I say more!!

  • Showboat!! Lol

  • Oli Queen, is the new age Robin hood!! Well not exactly but the portrayal is what I like

  • The ever loving blue eyed Thing.. Clobbering time baby!!

  • This man is MAAAD.. I love this guy. Old and can still take out the entire CIA!!

    Bruce Willis may have looked the part, but he sure as hell didnt feel the part.

  • two thumbs up to this guy!!