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Things and characters that just seem too odd, silly, or ridiculous to believe.

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  • Another living radio-receiver character?

  • A case where two heads are not better than one.

  • Patriotic hero who had a similar origin to Captain America, other than the fact that he was made using the bodies of three crippled WWI veterans and that he could only use his powers by whistling the Yankee Doodle Dandy tune.

  • A spiked ball and chain headpiece... It at least has the potential for some serious Three-Stooges-esque mishaps...

  • Never mind the theme and motivation, the fact that his name is literally Roy G. Bivolo just cannot go without mention.

  • Is it any surprise that he only had one issue?

  • Considerably powerful, but has some of the most ridiculous powers you can imagine - like nuclear poop-vision.

    Also, he was a genetically modified hill-billy, who was finally defeated by being turned into a group of chickens, which were promptly raped by his eight fathers.

  • Somehow a cowboy gorilla strikes me as unbelievable in both a good way and a bad way.

  • You've got to love it when a name says all you need to know...

  • A superhero made entirely of yarn... Weakness: probably knitting needles if I had to guess.

  • Perhaps the evil twin of Humpty Dumpty?

  • Then again, what do you expect from a Ren & Stimpy character?

  • Shouldn't they have just named him "Captain Split" or something?

  • Just grab a spoon and some chocolate sauce and you've got him beat.

  • Once turned into a bird-like dinosaur in order to save a world of dinosaurs from extinction... By basically raping a dinosaur...

  • His power is having three faces. That's it.

  • An evil house-cat; oh wait, they generally are already evil.

  • Let his defeat serve as a reminder that you should always keep your eyes on the road.

  • Osama Bin Laden comes back from the dead as a giant, mutated monster. ...Really now?

  • Pretty awesome character but come on, he's a raccoon.

  • Did Sherlock Holmes just get more awesome? Unbelievable for sure.

  • Definitely odd... but it does make sense if you think about it.

  • Donald Duck's distant cousin.

  • She can see where's she's going AND where's she's been! AT THE SAME TIME!

  • A nun who, as the story goes, ate some bad shrimp when she was sixteen, and has been able to shrink at will ever since.

  • A vampire cow. Seriously.

  • Through some complex time travel, the Turtles end up in WWII Berlin and end up tricking Hitler into committing suicide - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

  • My basic summary of the creation of this character as I have come to understand it:

    "Hey, let's toss a hot chick into this fighting game!"

    "But won't it be bad to show men beating up a woman?"

    "Good point... How about we make her a transsexual?"

    "... Brilliant!"

  • Spider-pig, spider-pig...

  • Fruitman! With the power to turn himself into any kind of FRUIT!

  • His costume would give even Crazy Quilt a run for his money. And it also doesn't seem to make much sense to give a desk-job to a weather-controller in my opinion.

  • "The World's Worst Detective," who utilizes a "futility belt" and repeats his inner thoughts aloud.

  • The name is Fish... MISTER Fish.

  • Thor plus frog equals... oh please.

  • Has the ability to know just when to quit... And he also disquises himself as a French monkey.

  • Is it any wonder that to this day he's only had one appearance?

  • Need I say more?

  • Believed that a super-speedster like the Flash could be beaten with super-slowness.

  • I just don't see how his choice of animal is relevant to his abilities.

  • "Superman Meets the Quik Bunny" = SUPER FAILURE.

  • Built a powerful suit of armor to destroy all mutants, but ended up building it too small and was ultimately electrocuted by it when he got caught in the rain with it.

  • Gains incredible powers from lollipops... Seriously.

  • A mutant with the ability to turn into a dinosaur creature who decided to destroy all mutants (saving himself for last), but was hit by a truck when he crossed a street without looking both ways.

  • Sought to destroy all mutants and therefore had his hands replaced with giant fans, but then realized he couldn't open the door of his lab to leave and ended up decapitating himself when attempting a facepalm.

  • GASP! He used the power of disco for EVIL?!

  • Back in 2008, The Telegraph published an article titled "Barack Obama: The 50 Things You Might Not Know" that mentioned Obama's childhood love of Conan the Barbarian comics. A few months later, someone published an actual comic inspired by that idea. This is that comic.

  • Words fail me.

  • "Aquaman may be able to stop a fish, but what about a FLYING fish?" That's most likely what he was thinking when he decided on his life of crime.

  • Able to make long-distance calls wherever he wants!

  • Originality mean anything, costume-wise?

  • A living mathematical equation that can erase people's brains. He's also somehow a Green Lantern.

  • He was rejected from a superhero team? Why would they... Oh.

  • Just to be clear, I'm referring to the woman made up of puzzle pieces who somehow thought she could take on Superman.

  • A living transvestite street...

  • The AIDS vampire! He infects people... with AIDS! He died... of AIDS! ...AIDS!

  • A sentient smallpox virus that was made into a Green Lantern.

  • One of his main powers is bashing himself in the head.

  • How is it that a being composed entirely of crystal can have a mohawk?

  • Why would you create a hairy robot?

  • Not just a Nazi, but a Nazi FRANKENSTEIN!

  • All you really need to know is that Spock uses the Vulcan nerve pinch on Wolverine. I'm sure that gave someone a nerd-gasm when they read it.

  • Apparently in this particular comic, Jesus fights several members of the Greek Pantheon, including Zeus. That's right. JESUS CHRIST FIGHTS ZEUS.

  • A cartoon-like squirrel that got run over by a truck...

  • Calendar-based crime spree...

  • Villians who certainly know how to get a-head in life!


  • Why a costume based on a chicken?

  • The name says it all.

  • Managed to become pretty awesome, but his original appearance and stories were ridiculous.

  • Fights crime with the awesome abilities of cross-dressing!

  • With the awesome ability to blot out the sun using only his head!

  • Why didn't he just call himself Stumpy the Tiger Man? Or Mr. Fisticuff-Feet? Or Footloose? Well maybe not that last one...

  • Beware his sack!

  • How are moths killer?

  • Considerably powerful character who at some point created a new god for the world to worship: Religimon (think Buddha meets Pokemon). He was thankfully killed before his religion could start.

  • An Irish-American ninja doctor - who also happens to have ridden a velociraptor at one point - and that is only the start of his level of unbelievable awesomeness.

  • A tapdancing villain who made use of tapdancing robots that sang "We're In The Money." ...It must be hard to make a getaway if you're tapdancing the entire time...

  • Basically the story of a slacker who gains amazing superpowers and attempts to remain a slacker - without much success. Just follow the link and you'll get a glimpse of the ridiculous hilarity that ensues.

  • Let me break it down: 1/4 Bizarro + 1/4 time-travel + 1/2 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and you get this guy... Furthermore, his defeat basically involved him being retconned out of existence. You know you suck when it only takes one issue for that to happen...


  • If you can't even think of a decent name for your team then you know it's bad.


  • Guess what? His powers come from a SPACE TURNIP!

  • They are admittingly awesome, but there's no doubt that they are a very unbelievable idea.

  • Woman with monstrous transgender superpowers.

  • He's an elf. WITH A GUN!

    -which apparently embodies some metaphor for chaos or something like that..

  • Why do I get the feeling he won't giggle if you poke him?

  • "A period can be a super-power too."... Must... Vomit.

  • Unprecedented? Kind of.

    Parodied? Possibly.

    Unbelievable? DEFINITELY.

  • She's like a Frosty the Snowman version of Mr. Freeze.

  • The bottom note says,

    "PARENTS BEWARE! This Comic-Book is exactly what you think it is! 32 pages of meaningless, overblown violence, mayhem and destruction! (Plus one Naughty Word)"

    Sadly, there was only one issue of this series...

  • "After spending years washing radioactive fiesta ware, history teacher and comic fan Paul Mahler finds that he has the ability to teleport, clean, and place crockery and tableware in it’s proper place with just a wave of his hand."

  • I once came across a few pages of "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac." They involved him being in Heaven, causing people's heads to explode -repeatedly, and also what was stated as being "a professional flying baby." These images haunt and intrigue me to this day...

  • No. It's not the dog from "All Dogs go to Heaven." THIS is a humanoid car that acts like a thug and whose catch-phrase is "Don't get up in my grill."

  • The band? Gods of rock.

    The comics based on them? Unbelievably questionable...

  • A comic about judaism-themed super heroes such as Menorah Man, Dreidel Meidel(who got her powers from being trapped in a particle accelerator with a gyroscopic dreidel), Kipa Kid, MagenDavid, Minyan Man, and so on.

    There's also an actual website that sells costumes and other merchandise...

  • Publisher of certain one-shots, including: The Death of Stupidman, Cable TV, Hewoes, and Infinity Charade - to name a few.

  • His power? He never, ever, EVER stops talking.

  • Not sure what to make of this, but I'm certain it belongs on this list.

  • "Batman will never defeat me if I send signals about the crimes I'm going to commit!" ... He should've just made a sign that says "I GIVE UP" to save himself some time.

  • A mutant groundhog that fights his own political war. The comic is full of unbelievably ridiculous concepts - such as communism coming from the red spot on Jupiter.