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Same Name - The E's

A list of various comic book characters, items, etc. that happen to have the same name.

From Eel to Executioner.

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List items

  • Marvel - supervillain with electrical powers. Enemy of Spider-Man.

  • Marvel - robot built to help civilians, battle crime, stop evil dictators, and defend the world against extraterrestrial threats.

  • Marvel - 1950's communist supervillain with electrical powers.

  • Marvel - robot that possessed such enhanced intelligence that it could hypnotize people, communicate telepathically, create force fields, fire gamma rays from its hands, and use energy to destroy matter. All with a 32k super-brain.

  • DC Comics - robot created by the villain, Brainwave, to use against the superhero teams of the JSA and the All-Star Squadron. It was eventually reprogrammed to serve the All-Star Squadron in their headquarters.

  • Nintendo - electrical creature from the Pokemon franchise.

  • Comics Interview - scientist whose love of comics caused him to experiment on himself to gain superpowers. Formed a superhero team known as the Southern Knights.

  • Marvel - Alien with electromagnetically-based powers. Member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

  • Drumfish Productions - son of the criminal-turned-hero Bolt. Inherited his father's electrical powers and decided to become a hero. Joined the Sentinels, a superhero team.

  • DC Comics - enemy of Dial H for Hero. Pawn of villain known as The Master.

  • DC Comics - various people operated under this name. Some were a hero, some a villain. Each had electrical powers.

  • Comico - a sadistic, but cowardly villain with electrical powers. Member of supervillain team known as the Destroyers.

  • Marvel - Asgardian warrior. Misled by the woman he loved, but became a hero who died an honorable death.

  • Marvel - teenager who wages war on crime by killing criminals. Ironically is a member of a team called the Young Masters of Evil.

  • Marvel - dictator of a small South American country who earned his nickname for his ruthless firing-squad executions. Defeated by Thor and gunned down by his own men.