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New Character Type: Undead?

Just putting this out there as a topic, but what do you all think out there? Should it be put forward to the Comicvine staff to add "undead" as a new choice for character type? I'll admit that vampires and certain zombies fit well as "infection" type characters, and ones like Dead Girl work fine as "mutant," but somehow "other" just doesn't seem to fit for them all as the only other viable choice. They at least can't really qualify as "human" anymore right?

There's certainly a broad enough range of characters who fit in the undead heading. Coincidentally, my list D-D-D-Dead's Right! supports my point already a bit, even if it is only a small amount of the characters that can fit on it.

So what do you all think? I at least figured I should put the topic out there for discussion, so discuss!

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Great Lakes Initiative in AoA.

Personally, I would like to see a darker Age of Apocalypse version of the members of the Great Lakes Initiative. It only seems logical for them to be present.

- They're mutants, so that gives them a good reason to be mentionable in a mutant-ruled reality.

- They're underrated, namely in that they each have potential as characters if they could move past their silliness.

Mr. Immortal should definitely have an advantage in the AoA "survival of the fittest" world (he's at least a survivor).

Doorman is a living portal and could therefore use his powers much like Kitty Pryde to avoid attacks.

Flatman is a lot like Mr. Fantastic and could certainly be a threat if he was a slightly more serious character.

Big Bertha is basically like the Blob, except that she can also shrink back down - and Blob already did quite infamously in AoA.

Finally, Squirrel Girl is already uncannily amazing in mainstream continuity, so a more brutal version would probably bring her up to Wolverine or Sabretooth levels!

It just seems like a wasted opportunity if none of these characters get some interesting alternate counterparts, and the AoA reality/comic series seems like a great place for them currently.


Ode to Ragdoll

I had to make a found poem for an English class of mine; found poetry being made up of literally "found" words and phrases which are arranaged into a poetic form. What was my found poem made up of? Quotes from Ragdoll in the Secret Six series. Enjoy:

For Heaven’s Sake, Save the Monkeys!

Oh, hello there,

I was thinking what it’s like to be abandoned and tortured and abused and forgotten.

Pea pods! Velvety throw pillows!

What did I say? I never know what’s going on.

We are worthless. We are the scum of this planet.

I’m sorry, it’s not my doing.

Which would you choose? A hopeless cringing victim. A joke, a jester, a jape in ‘jammies.

We have only one redemptive trait, when your life is so worthless

that your only degraded value to anyone is when your pain gives them amusement.

Creamed corn! Donut Holes! Silverback gorillas!

I baited my hook with my own underwear.

What are we discussing again?

I’m afraid. I hadn’t given that possibility much thought until now.

I’m afraid I’m going sane. I stopped hearing voices up there.

Please please pretty please! I can’t go back. I can’t ever go back.

Do you see? I really am simply an awful person.

Heaven help us all, Gold-plated bedknobs!

I wonder what it’s like to ^%$# a butterfly?

Eternal, infernal torment was preferable to my company.

Do you see? I do I do I do I do!

… Cheese-stuffed manicotti!

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Clobberin' Time Crossover!

I was reading through some comics I'd picked up recently and came across this scene in Harley Quinn #23:

Harley Quinn #23
Harley Quinn #23
Now obviously, the phrase "clobberin time" in the song coming from the kid's boom box is enough of a reference to Marvel's Thing, but haven't I heard that song before? 
Fantastic Four #489
Fantastic Four #489
So how about that? Not only did those guys hit it big, they actually managed to hit it big trans-dimensionally!  
(FYI: the writer for both comics was Karl Kesel. Apparently just a little easter egg from him or something.)
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Amazing Spider-Man - The Black Issue

I was recently reading through a TPB that had this particular issue in it, and it just really hit hard all of a sudden. What really did it for me was when Spider-Man finds a kid sitting among the wreckage somewhere and when he tells the kid he should probably be somewhere safer, the kid says that he's waiting for his daddy who was just going to pick something up out of a nearby building, and then before the kid can even finish saying this, some police officers come carrying a body out and the kid jst screams, "DADDY!" as Spider-Man tries to hold him back........

This account of mine doesn't even come close to doing this scene justice, but just writing this has already managed to bring a tear to my eye again... It was truly a phenomenal issue on a level that I can barely describe. I can barely think about it with a dry eye now...


Xavier and his wheelchair.

Something that I've found is a common joke with Professor Xavier is the fact that he keeps needing then not needing his wheelchair for various reasons and so often that it borders on the ridiculous. I've at least found some fancomics that joke about this by having Xavier state that even he can't keep track when he can and can't walk.  
So in that spirit, I present my view on this subject:

(The image came from X-Men Forever Giant Size and was slightly altered for simplicity and hilarity.)

Spiderman Loves You!

Came across a funny scene from the Punisher Annual, and ended up making this in the spirit of the upcoming holiday: 


Not bad, I think, considering that I did it with MS Paint and Paint.NET. Comments? Concerns? Outrages? 
And here's the basic scene just for reference (I'm thinking I probably should've made use of the bottom-most scene, but that can be a later project): 




I thought this scene from Runaways was pretty funny

And of course just about anything with Deadpool is hilarious