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PG ratings are responsible for majority of WWE problems e.g. Viewership and attendance going down, decline in quality of in-ring action like matches and promos, lack of new superstars etc. Going back to TV-14 would fix them.

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Both Megalon and Gigan are scaled to 110 meters.

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Showa version of Mecha G and Titanosaurus who both are scaled to 120 meters.

Fight takes place in NY.

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Bump. Come on guys, no Hellsing fans here?

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This is Alexander Anderson with all his gear (Pre-Helena's nail) and Post-upgrade vampire Walter Dornez Vs Kratos from GOW 3.

Kratos can only use Blade of Olympus one time during the whole battle.

Story is that Kratos has disrespected Jesus Christ. So both Anderson and Walter want him dead.

Fight takes place in modern day London.

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No Robocop Vs Terminator? Anyways I pick Rambo Vs Predator Vs Terminator.

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This was the grand finale for Post-Crisis Lex Luthor. He outsmarted Grodd, Deathstroke, Brainiac, Vandal Savage, Mr. Mind and even argued with Death of Endless. All ends with him becoming a God and bringing peace and tranquility to the universe for few moments.

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Looking at previous guest characters Neatherealm has added, we can conclude that they follow these parameters -

  1. Character is supposed to popular/iconic to warrant a DLC that gamers will buy
  2. Character is supposed to be relevant enough to have theatrical movies coming out or a TV series .
  3. Character is supposed to Rated R so that his owners won't have any problems with any fatalities or gory moves that will performed on the character.
  4. Character is supposed to have shown anything resembling fighting skills or anything that helps them create some combos/moves that will justify them being in a close combat fighting game. They're also supposed somewhat stronger than normal humans.

Let's see some characters that pop up whenever this MK guest discussion comes up -

  1. Jeepers Creepers - He had one movie in 15 years that got one-day theatrical release. Also controversy regarding the owner Victor Salva.
  2. Disney/Star Wars/Marvel - It's obvious.
  3. Jigsaw - He's a 60 year cancer patient.
  4. Pumpkinhead/Leprechaun/Maniac Cop/Reanimator - Not relevant anymore. Their last movies weren't even wide theatrical releases.
  5. Chucky - Iconic? Yes. But he's a 3 ft doll with knife as weapon. It's not gonna be like how Gon was in Tekken 3.
  6. Pinhead - Iconic? Yes. But his last 6 movies were straight to DVD. Also he's the guy who never engages in any physical combat. He has never threw a punch or walked faster in any of the movies. MK is close combat fighting game. Zoner or not, Pinhead won't work if none of the moves involve close combat. How many chains variations can he just pull-off, sooner or later people will go tired. Can you just imagine Johnny Kage kicking Pinhead or Pinhead punching Cassie? It will ruin all the mystique of the character. For this reason, I don't think Clive Barker would ever allow his character to be in MK.
  7. Neo - This one actually was offered by WB as guest character for MK9 but Ed Boon refused stating he won't fit.
  8. Ghostface - He's a disguise used by bunch of teenagers who watched too many horror movies and decided to play serial killer. Not to mention, they're inept to the point I believe one was even tripping over objects while chasing. Say what you want about Leatherface, but he's a crazy, cannibal brute who grew up on a farm slaughtering anything living he came across with all those variety of butchering tools.
  9. Hannibal Lector - Mads version has shown fighting skills but the world he exists in is too real. Also Hannibal movies are the work of high art not some grindhouse horror movies.

The characters that are possible in MK someday -

  1. Robocop - An iconic Rated R character. He has shown some close combat skills. He's a cyborg , he can have similar new backstory and like Jax. Only problem is that his last movie came in 2014 and it under-performed. But luckily, as of Jan '18 there have been talks of original Robocop writer , writing a direct sequel to the original movie. He also has an ongoing comic book right now.
  2. Capcom - This is what Yoshinori Ono, the Street Fighter series producer has said "Having Chun Li getting her spine ripped out, or Ryu's head bouncing off the floor….it doesn't necessarily match" Ed boon has echoed same sentiments. Of all the other Capcom properties , Resident Evil has the highest chance but seeing how protective Capcom are and how RE characters pop up in MvC so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  3. DC - Ed Boon has stated that he has no desire to see Batman or Superman getting their head ripped off in a MK game. Though I believe some obscure DC character might be in MK one day. Someone like Swamp Thing due to him lacking red blood and his Vertigo roots might work or I Vampire.
  4. Riddick - Depends on next movie and if Vin Diesel would be okay with his character getting disemboweled or decapitated which I don't think he will due to his movie star status.

The movie characters that I believe will definitely be in the MK are -

  1. Ash Williams - A Rated R character with variety of arsenal and have lot of experience in fighting the undead. He's iconic, has lot of fans and just had tv show lasting three seasons. He had lots of comics where he have fought even Universal Monsters and used Necronomicon in fighting for spells. He even had video games. Plus Bruce Campbell is cool, I don't think he will have problem with his character getting disemboweled or decapitated.
  2. Michael Myers - An iconic Rated R character with a new movie coming out. He was nearly added in MKX and if Jason can work then so can he.
  3. Terminator - An iconic Rated R character with a new movie coming out. He has shown some close combat skills. He was also nearly added in MKX. It's probably gonna be T-800.
  4. Spawn - An iconic Rated R superhero with a new movie coming out. Plus fans have been asking for his inclusion for years.

Don't know much about violent video game characters which will fit in MK but the top of my list will be Doomguy, plus Ed Boon seems to be a fan. Sweet Tooth/Needles Kane was nearly added back in MK9.

So that's it. I missed tons of characters but narrowing down the characters based on the above parameters, there are just not many movie characters that fit. There is a good reason why horror characters fit so well in MK. In video games , I don't know much.

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The widespread myth that the only way character can be relatable when he's nerfed, which is such a lazy writing excuse. The struggle is always there. The person beneath the powers will always have doubts and fears, will always have passions and problems, no matter how much outward strength they exhibit. The humanity lies within the characters, not in the “Powers and Abilities” entry of their dossier.

A good writer shouldn't have any problems with this trope. Look at Alan Moore, he wrote classic pre-crisis Superman stories like Whatever happened to Man of Tomorrow, Man Who Has everything. He also wrote powerful characters like Supreme, Miracleman, Tom Strong and Swamp Thing who could literally survive anything. Grant Morrison wrote the awesome silveresque story All-Star Superman. Mark Waid's Kingdom Come Superman who was ten times more powerful than pre52superman and didn't had any weakness yet it still ended up as a classic story. Mark Miller wrote Red Son where Superman nearly took over the world. Even Garth Ennis, the writer of Preacher, Punisher, The Boys, Hitman, War Stories etc. , the guy who doesn't cares about superheroes and has mocked characters like Batman, Green Lantern, Avengers, X-Men etc. wrote a heartwarming Superman in Hitman 34 and JLA/Hitman.

Just look at some other powerful protagonists - Alucard, Asura, Yusuke, Iwakura Lain, Goku, Silver Surfer, Voltron, All-Might, Akira Fudo, Godzilla, Saitama, Classic Dr. strange, Swamp Thing, Captain Atom, Mr. Majestic, Spectre, Lucifer Morningstar they had their share of great stories in comics and other media. Would making them more vulnerable would somehow make them more interesting? These characters are supposed to be powerful, just like how Punisher and Daredevil are supposed to be street tier.