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Things are taking a turn for the best 0

As the story progresses there are many events that are occurring which are really captivating to the reader. The art, suspense, and overall story are just progressing in a positive way with each AXIS comic I read. The only let down of this comic and why I didn't give it 4 stars is because on the cover in the center top was a picture of red skull inverted, I was really stoked to see what he looks like in this issue, but there were no scenes with him in it. It was still very good like all the iss...

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The Hulk's Hulk 0

Well, I liked this issue a lot, but I have a few issues with it. I will not be repetitive and repeat the same thing as some users before me have commented, so I will just say everything wrong with the hulk's hulk. Otherwise known as Kluh. So, basically the group of inverted superheroes decide that Kluh is not worth dealing and they should let him go on a rampage. Ok, I get that, they are inverted and have changed. What doesn't make sense, is there are so many superheroes not inverted, you'd thi...

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spiderwoman better use some pheremones if she wants anyone to like this comic 2

I honestly just couldn't stand this comic, yes in my opinion it was that bad. There were scenes that were somewhat confusing, position of characters that made no sense. And a regular reader who may not have read spider verse may find this very confusing. On top of all that I generally just don't like spider-woman, there are so many characters that deserve their own series way more than her. What would you rather read, spider-woman or spiderman noir, exactly....

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One Of The Only Successful Celebrity Appearances 0

It is not often I get to say this, but this comic actually had a successful celebrity appearance. In the past there have been comics where the celebrities just didn't work well with the story, but Anderson Cooper fit in perfectly, and I felt like I was watching the news and Natasha was on. I give it a 5 star, because I fail to see any flaws that were made in this celebrity appearance....

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Iron Jerk is a hit! 2

I have to say I actually like stark being a bit of a jerk, it's one of those comics where you hate and love the character at the same time, I won't give away the amazing ending, but wow that was a shocker at the end and I really liked it. Stark has got everyone tangled into his personal game and he'll become wealthier than ever. The art is great, my only critique is I'm not sure whether I want it to stay for a long time or for it to be a short little change. I can probably make up this decision...

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Great comic if you live like Tony Stark 0

I want to start off by saying I'm writing this not as a reader, but if I were to own a comic store. I love the motion cover, it is downright hilarious, but it is so expensive for a regular buyer. Each shop can only get so many do to how many regular copies they need. And because of this some shops will price more or less based on how many they have. So it's also hard to determine a good price on it....

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I've been dying to read this. 0

Wow, just Wow. This is defiantly one of my favorite comic mini series I have ever read. I have to say my favorite aspect of this first death of wolverine is that it gives logic behind its reasoning. All the questions we were thinking of asking like how he can move with that much metal in his body, or why he can't use his claws now, have been answered. I personally loved the art, right up my alley. The only downside which I really hope doesn't happen is that they bring him back to life. It woul...

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I b'wanna read some more 0

The b'wanna beast first appearance was a very good story. You may not recognize him. He has appeared in batman the brave and the bold, teen titans go auditions, and is now known as animal man. Interesting issue, I mean who would have though of the power to mix animals into awesome hybrids. The only weird part is what is up with his costume It like a where's waldo bathing suit meets the stone age. I also have reviewed the second issue as well. ...

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parasite stole my attention 0

If any of you keep track with older comics you know that this is one that many people want. I got this before it started to become rare and it is worth its money. The story was amazing and I agree with comicgod, it was pretty cool to see parasite take down superman. I feel like parasite isn't used enough, he seems like he could be one of the most powerful villains in all of dc, but they never really expand upon him. The only thing I regret was the super girl story, it was good, but not nearly as...

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