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Lovecraftian inspired stuff in comicbooks.

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  • Hs name sounds like Shub-Niggurath, , but the concept he is based is like Cthulhu, a creature that sleeps, who is the real ruler of earth.

  • They are basically Lovecraft stuff, basically because he is an ancient god summoned by some nut that would destroy us all.

  • Arkham is a fictional city created by HP Lovecraft, which freatures in many of his stories, also lots of characters in Lovecraft stories end up crazy. Arkham Asylum is a fictional psychiatric hospital in Gotham City for the "Criminally Insane", so yeah.

  • These guys are just like the outer gods of Lovecraft, just a huge and horrible mass of limbs and stuff.

  • He doesn't look like a lovecraft thing, but the concept behind this character sounds like it.

    "Set is one of the Elder Gods and the first murderer in the planet's history. He was been worshipped by many cultures particularly by the Stygians. Set is one most the most powerful demons in existence and is associated with Serpents, Dragons and magical races known as the Serpent Men."

  • They remind me to the creature that appears on Dagon.

  • These guys are the spaws of Ogdru Jahad,

  • The origin of all evil, that created everything wrong in the Marvel Universe, whose name is difficult to pronounce, yep, that sounds Lovecraftian.

  • Most of the creatures created by Lovecraft were gods that hated life and use humanity to their purposes, the rot kinda fits on that description.

  • Lovecraft wrote about multiple creatures that had marine animal features, ths guy is pretty much that.

  • Serverant of Shuma-Gorath, his name sounds in the same way I pronounce Cthulhu.

  • A being created by Shuma-Gorath shares somes of his features with him, except that he has more eyes, and his name sounds like a lot of creatures by HP Lovecraft.

  • I don't think this one is a Lovecraftian inspired stuff, but his name reminds me to Azatoth.

  • She is basically Lythalia. "A female seductive humanoid entity covered in vines and vegetal parts".

  • I don't know a lot a bout this one, but reminds me to the Necronomicon.