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Deadcool's Final Bosses

There are villains that some heroes can't defeat in normal conditions, villains that are powerful enough to destroy human settlements by themselves, some call them "Final Bosses" because sometimes at the end of some events these villains appear to kill them all.

The characters numbered from the first to the sixth are those that are threats for a lot of people at the same time.

The characters numbered from the seventh to the tenth are those that are personal Final Bosses, those that are threats for just one character at a time.

List items

  • The MOSTER that killed the Superman, Doomsday has proved as lot of times that he is a real Final Boss in the DC universe, he exeeds the powerlevel of almost any hero in DC.

  • Thanos, the mad titan, currently, he has become powerful enough to be a threat for anyone, but he was that before his updates, always seeking power he had become a Final Boss a lot of times, for that reason he deserves a place in my list.

  • He makes a great final boss, defeat him is not something easy.

  • I never cared about this guy until I read 52, for me he seemed more much like an Antihero and I wanted to add him in my Anheroes list, but I like him more as a Final Boss, I liked that from 52, the World War 3, he against all the heroes in the world shouting SHAZAM!, that was a very powerful part.

  • The Weapon of Asgard, physically superior to Thor, and way too powerful for almost anyone in the Marvel universe, being lack of a mind is what makes him dangerous because someone that is truly evil is able to use him, and he has become a personal Final Boss for Thor.

  • For me, Dormammu is probebly one of the greatest villains that have existed in the comicbooks, his look and power, he is a great character, but I like him just as a Final Boss, someone that you must fight at the end of an event.

  • The Demon of fire, the one shall finish the Ragnarok, he was a final boss long time before most of thr characters in my list, DAMN he needs more appearences, he is so great, his concept is perfect.

  • In numerous times he has been an Avengers' Final Boss, and powerful enough to defeat almost all the heroes in the world, I liked his appearances in the Secret Wars and that is why he is on my list.

  • Despite having a couple of appearances in the Marvel Universe he has shown to be powerful enough to defeat almost anyone, he started as a Spider-man villain, but he is also a Black Panther villain, he is the Ultimate superhero hunter, once he touch you, he is able to find you wherever you go, he is able to bend adamantium and he absorbs your life by touch, a nightmare for almost anyone.

  • I have read just a couple of issues with him as main Villain, he is just Iron Man's personal Final Boss, I don't know I lot of things about him, but I wanted to add him in this list because he has a good concept and I liked to read about him, if he is used in the right way, he could become very popular.