Deadcool's Favourite Writers

This list include my favourite writers (Nuff-said), well here we go...

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  • Because his Run in Amazing Spider-man, Thor and Silver Surfer: Requiem.

    Some of the first comics I read were written by him, so for that reason he is one of the writers that have influeced me the most.

    What I like most from him is his realistic-like grounded storylines, taking some serious matters in a comicbook, also because I think he uses the chacaters in a more mature way.

  • Because his Run with the Question and because the creation of Jean Paul-Valley (Azrael).

    He has an special way to write comics, a least in The Question Volume 1 and Batman: The Sword of Azrael made me feel like that. The hero doesn't really "wins" he just completes an "objective" and thats that. The stories feel grounded, different from the average comicbook.

  • Because Ultimate Galactus Trilogy, Warren Ellis' Super god, Ultimate Armor Wars, Red, Ruins, Nextwave and Thunderbolts.

    He has a complex storytelling, full of science fiction, and dark themes, also his comics are fun to read, for that reason he is one of my favourite ones.

  • Because his run with The New Avengers/Avengers, The Ultimates, Fantastic Four/FF, Ultimate Thor and S.H.I.E.L.D.

    His stories feel big and last a lot to finally reach the conclusion, he is just awesome building themes and stories, he uses science fiction like no one else, he could amaze anyone with his stories.

  • Because Earth X and Justice.

  • Beacuse his issues in "Thor" and "Journey Into Mystery".

  • Because his Wonderwoman, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and Joker.

  • Because his run in "Ultimate Spider-man", "New Avengers" and "Dark Avengers".

  • Because his Aquaman and Shazam.

  • Because his run with "Dark Reign: Punisher", "Franken-Castle", "X-force", "Secret Avengers" and "1 Month 2 Live".

  • Because his run in "The Invincible Iron Man", "Thor: Ages of Thunder", "Thor: Reign of the Blood" and "Thor: Man of War".

  • Because "Watchmen","V for Vendetta", "Swarp-Thing" and "The Killing Joke".

  • Because his run in "The Ultimates", "Superman: Red Sun", "Marvel Knights: Spider-man" and "Kick-ass".

  • Because his series "The Hood: Blood from Stones", "The Hood: Dark Reign", "Spider-man and Dr Octopus Negative Exposure" and "Y: the last man".


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