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Noobmaster's list of characters that could become great

Hello everyone, here I'm listing characters that I believe I could make great. I believe that I could personally improve these characters both character wise/ feat wise.

Anyway lets get into it.

List items

  • Ultimo isn't neccesarily bad character wise (Afterall, He's meant to be a mindless robot) the problem I have is that he isn't used as much by writers.

    He's a pretty impressive brick who's got very good feats against Iron man and other characters, that makes for great stories and its a crime he's not used more.

  • Dreadknight is a pretty obscure guy, that most people might remember from the 90's Iron man cartoon. He's got a cool look, backstory (One that involves Dr Doom) and a mutated horse.

    Whats not to love?

  • Not much to add here, but I think Mechadoom would make a interesting enemy for Dr Doom as well as the Fantastic Four. The idea of a rogue Doombot is a good one.

  • Similar to Ultimo, nothing bad character wise. The problem is that writers don't use him that much. Shame really as he's basically like the prototype Iron man.

  • He flys using a Kite. Nuff said.

  • Terrible design, except for the logo. He's a good example of a common stereotype in comics, very powerful but very dumb. I think it would be cool to see him basically be a very low tier reality warper, like Silver Surfer level or something.

  • I like Hulks villains. Sadly 90% of them disappear, stop fighting Hulk or die. Flux is an example of this, he's a gamma monster with a cool warped look and has ties to the army. That's like two common Hulk stereotypes all in one, so they should bring him back from the dead.

  • I don't know why, but I wish they would use this guy. I just think he would make an interesting enemy to Batman and Catwoman. They probably shouldn't include how he wants to bang his sister...

  • Always thought this guy was pretty cool, he's like a evil Professor Hulk. I know Abomination is awesome and is the Hulk's dark opposite and stuff, but Ravage here has got the brain and the brawns. So he's nothing to underestimate.

  • He's got a hate gun and is a clone of Adolf Hitler, This guy should be used way more often.

    He should have been the MCU big bad instead of Thanos.

  • Decently strong brick and fits the political theme of Captain America well. Nothing groundbreaking but he's got henchmen potential written all over him.

  • Now, a lot of people reallly hate the clone saga, but I think Judas here deserves another shot. For starters his writer left the book, so all the other writers had to basically make up his abilities/motivation, which caused him to become more and more convoluted.

    He deserved better than that, plus his writers apparently had big plans for him. They could do something with him.

  • Mysterio + Jack O lantern. Not a bad combination, plus with the amount of basic Jack O' Lantern copycats about, its nice to see a guy who goes above that.

  • Next to Hulk's villains, Iron man's are extremely underrated. Melter here has a interesting gimmick and sometimes that's all you need.

    Would definitely like to see more from the guy.

  • Interesting (and kinda sad) backstory, decent feats and cool look. Ummm...use him more.

  • There are a lot of Anti-batmen I know, but maybe shift Signal Man away from that.I kinda picture him being more like Batman's version of Mysterio (There is Scarecrow, but eh he's more like the Marvel version of Mr Fear)

  • He has a funny face...

    Also cool powers, where he makes cartoons and stuff come to life. Neat stuff!

  • Another funny face, is his face funnier?..

    He could be Spider-Girl's version of the Joker (Ignore Green Goblin, he's more than that)

  • Untold tales of Spider-man is pretty good and Headsman is a unique character from that run. I believe every character could be good, so there's potential.

  • Iron man's got underrated rogues and Unicorn is one of them. He became obscure because of his name, but c'mon there's sillier guys.

    Also Unicorns are OP.

  • this guy is terrifying and hideous, being made out living webbing is pretty creepy, and he makes for a good horror villain. Spider-man's rogues gallery is pretty packed, so maybe he would stand out more in the Spider-Girl universe.

    Just an idea but maybe some kid finds a test tube of Spider-man's blood in a lab injecting it hoping to become the new Spider-man and instead ends up a horrifying monster which brings him into conflict with Spider-Girl.

  • Again, not much to add here. He need's a better origin and motive, because the way he is now is basically just a hired goon.

  • Blizzard's another super villain who's whole deal is his gimmick. It's a pretty decent one too and he's deserving of an upgrade.

  • He's a animal themed supervillain, they are always the best. I think this guy became obscure because people assume he's lame just because of his name but those people are uneducated.

    Also Porcupine > Galactus and Thanos, in terms of being a threat.

  • I don't find all the 2099 characters amazing, but I really felt they could have done more with this guy. He's literally just Punisher but in the year 2099.

    I had an idea of Punisher being a sort of 'Police force' in the year 2099 that kills criminals or anyone who goes against powerful and corrupt businesses. He rebels against that fighting criminals and businesses. Being a more heroic Punisher than Frank Castle.

  • female supervillain's are pretty underrated, Man Killer has a decent (and kinda edgy) motivation as she hates men that could bring her into conflict with loads of heroes.

    Also while I know it wasn't a permanent amp I think it would be cool of Man Killer was Marvel's version of Giganta.

  • DC's version of Mr Hyde. He's big and dumb, but sometimes that's alright in comics. He would make for useful muscle in a team and I hope the guy shows up more.

  • Like I said earlier with other guys, Doppelganger isn't much in terms of personality or character but he's got a terrifying look and pretty cool look.

    While I know he isn't a clone, it would be interesting if the Jackal used him as a mindless pet.

  • Okay, all the female Spider-man villains here suffer from the same problems. They either aren't used enough or have no character to speak of, Stunner is an example of a character who isn't used enough.

    Her origin does involve very stupid virtual reality 90's stuff, but she has a interesting power as her body is generated online (So she isn't actually there) and she has ties to Doc Ock (Being a previous lover) so there's potential.

  • I think transitioning Scorpia to Spider-Girl's rogues gallery would be a better idea. Scorpia doesn't really bring anything to the table that ol' Mac Gargan doesn't. I think in that universe she would stand out more.

  • Yeah, the writers need to give her a much bigger push. Spider-man's female rogues gallery is lacking and she would definitely be a very good character if she was used more.

    Seriously, the amount of tech and gadget feats they could give her, with her being Spider-man's version of Mad Hatter would be very impressive.

  • Transitioning him to Spider-Girl's rogues gallery would be the first thing to do, giving him a much better costume....would be the second. Of the top of my head this is my idea, a intelligent student who is unfortunately bullied at school (Sound familiar?)

    Phreak idealises Peter Parker for his intelligence, later becoming self obsessed with him. He uses his genius to design a suit kidnapping his bullies, Peter Parker convinces him to free his bullies, feeling rejected he attack Peter bringing him into conflict with Spider-Girl.

  • Okay, he's not that obscure since he's been Spider-man Far From Home, as well as Spectacular Spider-man. However, I still feel he's underrated.

    I think giving him a power upgrade would be nice or perhaps making him like Sandman or Hydro man.

  • This guy has barely shown up but he's got a interesting premise, he's a gamma monster that kills women. Basically, What if Hulk was a serial killer.

  • Mogol appeared in just one comic, but I do like the guy having done a respect thread on his master he would be interesting to see again.

    Personally I would make him the bodyguard/Servant of Tyrannus. Speaking of tyrannus....

  • Tyrannus is pretty cool, its a shame that writers don't use him more. I would love to see him get more tech and telepathy feats. While doing his respect thread I found he felt more like a handsome Mole Man.

    Also, he's a handsome boi, that automatically means he's great.

  • Gets treated as a jobber and joke in comics, which is a shame. Dude could be pretty powerful if he was treated correctly by writers.

    He's got a interesting character, similar to that of the Hulk since there both based on the original Mr Hyde.

  • I enjoyed Paper Doll in Brand new day, I think she was one of the better modern Spider-man villains.

    Like I said earlier, Spider-man's female rogues gallery is lacking and Paperdoll here has got a really interesting power (Being able to turn people flat) as well as a creepy stalker backstory.

  • A telepathy user, feeding on people's minds. Pretty OP for a Batman villain.

  • Again, not a huge fan of the 2099 universe but I found Hulk 2099 to be interesting. The idea of a cult trying to remake the Hulk is a pretty solid idea, they could definitely make it work.

  • Since 2099 is about corrupt business as well as high technology, I think making Silvermane the kingpin of the 2099 universe would be the best opportunity for the guy. He would fit that theme well and would have a better chance at standing out.

  • Okay, the idea of the Fly being a threat to Spider-man is silly for obvious reasons. However, Fly is still pretty cool and the whole underestimating him thing could be his deal. People mock him and pay the price.

  • Okay, as you can probably guess I'm a sucker for obscure characters. The name Anti-Hulk makes me think he would work well as sort of a kryptonite to Hulk.

    Like, him being near Hulk would mess up his powers. Just my idea.

  • Really underrated. Having done a respect thread on these guys, there definitely a group that shouldn't be underestimated. U-Foes have given Hulk, Thor and the Avengers a hard time.

    They really need to be brought back into Hulk comics, hopefully there used in Immortal Hulk comics before that ends.

  • Prowler always felt like a kinda poor fusion of Batman and Spider-man. Dudes cool and all, but I felt they could have done a lot more with him.

    Maybe Upgrading his tech would be a first good option, the second would be having him shift in and out of Hero and villain status, due to problems occuring in and out of his life.

  • Not really obscure, but the guy is overshadowed in Spider-man's rogues gallery.

    Guy's a lot more than a knock off Green Goblin. Make sure to read his first run in the 80's to see why.

  • Good horror themed Hulk villain, he's henchmen material and I feel he would fit in very well with the Immortal Hulk run.

    A disturbing creature, lurking within the lake of Loch Ness. He would fit well.

  • Love the Shocker, one of Spider-man's best designed villains. sadly, for some reason some misinformed writers assume he's a joke...

    Shocker is Spider-man's deadliest enemy obviously smh

  • Great horror themed enemy for Hulk. They did kinda do him in the Immortal Hulk with Sasquatch (Not really the same thing but still) still think there's room for this guy in comics.

    Having his origin and background being tied to a curse would fit very well with the Immortal Hulk comics, its a wasted opportunity this guy hasn't showed up.

  • Killing this guy off was a pretty bad idea. He's pretty smart has ties to the Leader (Who even admitted that Mad man scares him) and is a big brick.

    It's a crime that this guy isn't used more often.Also, its not like death means anything in comics so bringing the guy back should be easy.

  • He's like the first anti Spider-man before that trope was done to death. Anyway, Mac's one of my favourite Spider-man villains and I hate it when he's treated like a joke.

    Dudes deserving of a comeback.

  • I'm really against killing characters. The only times I think its fine, is if its fodder or the death has a big impact and is necessary. If you do decide to kill a character, the death better not be off-panel or be a shock death meant only to gain attention.

    This isn't really the case for Justin Hammer, its more for other guys on the list. He worked really well as an enemy for not just Iron man but Tony Stark. Hammer having ties to armoured super villains allows the potential for loads of foes on this list to show up, so I believe bringing him back would be great.

  • Pretty underrated foe. Scarface and Ventriloquist are pretty unique in Batman's rogues gallery. Don't see gimmicks like this often.

  • Samson is definitely deserving of a new series. To my knowledge, he's only received one miniseries in the 90's. He's pretty good feats wise being originally 70% as strong as the Hulk as well as fighting for ages against Mindless Hulk.

  • Hold on, I know what your thinking this guys hardly underrated. Yeah he's not really but he is kinda inconsistent. As well as that I would love if this guy actually got a on going series instead of just a miniseries.

    Good origin too.

  • He seems silly I know but, the idea of erasing all crime scene evidence is pretty good. Guys like Eraser get rebooted all the time, so it can't be that hard to make him cool.

  • Spider-mans rogues gallery is my favourite tbh. Grizzly is another Spidey villain who gets treated like a joke. He could be much more.

    Apparently, during Dark Reign there were hints he was a cannibal.

  • Pretty powerful gimmick being able to incapacitate multiple people by his stone hax. Gargoyle is pretty powerful too, having traded blows with heavy hitter like Thor, She Hulk, Ironman, Grey Hulk, Thor girl and The thing turning all of them to stone.

    Shame he isn't used more.

  • Another 2099 guy. I have plans for him in my Hulk 2099 series I'm writing.

  • Abomination is one of the Hulk's best enemies. Sadly, he seems to job quite a bit. He really needs to be returned to his former status as a guy more powerful than the Hulk.

  • Makes sense Mandrill doesn't have a ton of feats. Omnipotent characters rarely do.

  • For an Iron-man villain, this guy sure seems like a street leveller. While his whips have harmed Ironman's weaker armours he stomps him anywhere past that.

    I do like him though, similar to Blizzard I like his gimmick. Most Iron-man are just guys in armours, so its nice to see a guy who's different. However he is very underpowered, he needs a upgrade.

  • Overshadowed by guys like Kang and Immortus, but I still think he's cool. I'm a sucker for Thor villains.

  • Underrated as Beetle. Thought he was a cool enemy for Spider-man as he fit well with the animal theme. He was kind of a jobber as Beetle,but he was cool as Mach I/II/IV.

  • Radioactive man has got a lot of low ends against street levelers. He's got good showings against Thor, Nova, Namor, Iron-man, She hulk, Llyron. He had a nice stint in the Thunderbolts too which Transitioned into a more herioc character. I would like to see him show up more.

  • Now, Goldbug is a perfectly fine Spider-man villian (and would fit the animal theme well) however for some reason he was created to be a Hulk villian... it was definitely a Marvel editor at the time messed up by accidentally saying Goldbug should fight the Hulk and was just to lazy to fix it.

  • Not really that underrated but eh, Speedfreak's okay I guess.He's not just a villian who's just a brick which is something Hulk could use more in his rogues gallery. Unfortunately he was killed in Mark Millers 2006 Civil War series and it doesn't seem like he's going to return....

  • Basically like a opposite Punisher. She hunts super heroes down, blaming the death of her son on them. Thats her thing and its pretty neat tbh. Also coincidental, killed during Civil War.

  • Used as a joke villain like 99% of the time, but I thought he was cool in the 90s Spider-man animated cartoon. Hard to not like the boastful Big Wheel!

  • Now the Enforcers are perfectly fine Daredevil villains, suiting his theme well and being threating in their own right, but as Spider-man villain's?....yeah, their not so great. being treated as massive jobbers or just joke villains most of the time. I would suggest making like their boss Kingpin and transitioning over to the Daredevil universe.

  • There's been a few Spymaster's and while none have ever really been that successful, I still think he's cool. Similar to Chameleon, he really doesn't pose a threat to Ironman. They should do more with him.

  • These guys were pretty impressive back in the day, fighting guys like Hercules, Iron man, Quasar and Thing. However, these days they are mostly just D list guys who stand in the back of teams like the Masters of Evil.

  • Perfect example of wasted potential. Spot's got a interesting look and powerset, which really separates him from other Spidey villains. Surprisingly Marvel does really nothing with him, leaving him as some incompetent D List villain. I have a feeling Spot will be taken more seriously and become a far more developed villain.

  • I think Spragg could be a cool yet silly villain. A villain who's goofy like MODOK, Fin Fang Foom and Xemnu are extremely powerful, yet silly in there own right. Spragg is a She Hulk villain and she's actually getting a new series titled 'Immortal She Hulk' its possible Spragg could make an appearance.

    As well as this, I'd love to see the Avengers, Fantastic Four or Hulk going up against him. It would be great lol.

  • Another Hulk villain. Bi Beast is one of Hulk's weirder enemies, but still a pretty good one. He hasn't been in that many great stories in quite some time and is deserving of a return. Like U-Foes, Abomination, Tyrannus, Glob etc he needs an upgrade.

  • Kinda lame tbh lol, but idk. The whole matador and bull metaphor, with the 'Bull' being Daredevil makes me think you could do something with him. I'm not sure what, but I'm sure something can be done.

  • This guy has a pretty cool costume and name. Shame that he literally appears for like A FEW PANELS and then disappears. Smh. They really should have brought him back and did more with him.

  • Supercharger was actually retconned as being Spider-man's first enemy (or one of them anyway, there's been a few retcons' probably) Spider-man does already have one electricity themed bad guy and Supercharger doesn't really bring anything to the table that Electro doesn't, but considering his origin I think you could do something with him.

  • While Doomsday is a pretty lame character, the idea of him being fused with the one thing that weakens Superman is something that could make him a big threat. If they brought him back, giving him a personality would be the best thing, maybe a manipulated solider made to go against Superman? The whole 'mindless boring monster that smashes things' isn't that great.

    And no, Hulk doesn't count because he can actually talk and has an interesting/complex story and character.

  • Gladiator is one of Marvel's more inconsistent characters, that has feats like basically one shotting the trading blows with Colossus pretty evenly...under the same writer. Besides his consistency, I think Gladiator could be interesting if Marvel explored what Superman would be like if he embraced his more alien like nature.

  • I don't know a lot about these guys outside of Thunderbolts, but their concept seem neat. It would sense for there to be supervillain's who make trade deals and sell weapons to criminals. These guys have ties to the Mandarin and with there being a upcoming new Iron man series in September 2020, they could maybe make an appearance.

    Marvel has two big organisations aswell as collective fodder, that being HYDRA and AIM. Arms Merchants could join them as the three musketeers.

  • Spear is a perfectly fine villain that uses a sharp weapon to penetrate his opponent. Seems pretty simple and straight forward, the only problem being that the opponent he fights is Luke Cage. Who's skin is mostly indestructible.

    Jokes aside, Spear seems like he could be a decent villain, if they maybe upgraded his weapons and had him appear more. He could make for one of Luke Cage's half decent rogues in a pile of pretty rubbish villains. Oh yeah speaking of Cage...

  • Cage in himself is kinda boring tbh. Outside of like New Avengers he was always like pretty meh. He's consistently all over the place too, beating up people like Rhino, Ironclad, Mr Hyde, Wrecker etc but also struggles with people like Tombstone, Hammerhead, Scorpion and Spider-man. If they really want to push him as some big powerhouse, maybe give him an upgrade so these showings become more consistent.

    As for his character, I don't really care that much about the neighbourhood he works in and his villains are C list at best. Maybe getting him back to his Hero for hire roots would be good or something. Maybe hero for free?

  • Don't know much about this guy, but his look is pretty cool and him wanting to replicate the origins of the Fantastic Four is interesting. He's also a Marvel Boy villain so he could stand out in his rogues gallery as, like Luke Cage, he doesn't have many noteworthy villains.

  • I do get why this guy doesn't really appear much. I mean, his arch nemesis is Godzilla who Marvel haven't had the rights to for quite some time. Still, since his whole deal is with giant monsters and genetic experiments that could give him loads of potential to show up again and even be quite powerful.

    Maybe having him create like Fin Fang Foom like monsters that he unleashes on the Avengers or even having him control most of marvel's obscure monsters.

  • These guys are pretty goofy in there own right, but Marvel do need a circus and there's plenty you could do with them.

    That's really all I got tbh. I don't know what else to say.

  • Titano is one of Superman's lesser known enemies, however he does pose a big threat to Superman. Like Metallo, Titano has kryptonite vision and can seriously hurt Superman.

    While Clark does have other krytionite enemies like Conduit and Kryptonite man, both of them aren't giant gorilla robots so there immediately not as good.

  • Eel is another one of Daredevil's villains that I would like to see more from. Eel would probably make for a decent Spider-man villain too, since he fits the animal theme nicely.

    Also, idk Daredevils rogues aren't the worst and have certainly gotten better as the years go on and I just Eel could be made to be a more promient enemy. Even if he is sorta lame.

  • Chance is a Spidey villain who actually has shown up recently. His deal is that he makes bets on his jobs. If he's successful he gets paid, if not he pays his employers. While his deal might seem lame at first, the idea he's so confident he's going to do well in his jobs and his gimmick is something that could be explored further.

    Not a huge fan of the design, so maybe something could be done there.

  • Not the DC one, this version is a marvel villain who used to be a lame Iron man villain, before transitioning over to Ghost Rider. Where he was actually given powers and made to be a threat.

    While his extreme similarities to the Marvel version could be a huge issue, maybe a name change could solve that.

  • This guy is a perfect example of someone with just a gimmick. The ability to turn people blind isn't the worst power in the world and it could make him stand out.

    Even just having this guy around as some run of the mill bad guy wouldn't be horrible.

  • Electro is a villain I would definitely like to see more from. He's always used as someone who's whole deal is that he's powerful. Writers should explore more on that aswell as giving him more of a personality other than his immense power.

  • Apocalypse sucks. This guy is pretty overrated. He's struggled/ran away from people like Cable, Namor, Ikaris, X-men. I do like Apoc though, he's got a cool look and origin. I do think the character was meant to be more of a schemer, like Lex Luthor rather than someone who solves things with physical power or even being really powerful himself based on the stories I've read with him involving characters like the X-men, Inhumans etc

    I do think they should develop him a bit more, the character has become quite ridiculed in recent years. Both in terms of power and character.

  • Overdrive was apart of the Brand New Day storyline in Spider-man books (which was basically the new start to Spider-man after one more day) the guy has a unique ability to punk out cars, buses and basically any vehicle. It's an ability that isn't seen very often.

    While the guy actually has had some depth and has appeared in some stories (Superior foes of Spider-man) and even recently in Amazing Spider-man, I still feel he could show up more.

  • These guys are like the prime examples of D list villains. Some guys are just used to stand in the background and lose to heroes, to which these villains seem to have been reduced to.

    Not every character can be great and sadly some villains will be reduced to jobber status.

  • Carol has become a Mary Sue in recent years, Marvel has been giving her a push but honestly they're trying to hard with this. I do understand they want her to be a lead Marvel character but there's been big complaints regarding her, she seems to be randomly and inconsistently written as being extremely super powerful by some writers to be in the same power level as Hulk/Thor. This I don't really have too much of a problem with, but she's also just become extremely unlikable, before she was arrogant in a cool way but now she's arrogant in a lame way.

    I think a good writer needs to be put on her and properly establish her as a likable character, moving her away from the Mary Sue she's become and maybe explain the big upgrade she's been getting as well.

  • Sunturion is another Iron man foe, that does kinda suffer from being an Iron man clone that a good deal of his villains suffer from as well. However he does have an interesting theme in his powers, having his powers be energy based. Nothing spectacular but there is something that could be done here.

  • Doomsday is another famous, but otherwise kinda boring Superman villain. The character has been accused of being a Hulk rip off, but I do like the character. Him being a mindless, killing machine is part of his charm in my opinion. I do think more could be done with the character, however the fact that he's mindless to the point where he can't even speak does present a problem with the character.

    Maybe given him some characterization in which he feels destroying everything/killing everything is a necessary need (kinda like Carnage?)

  • I really enjoyed Atlas's run in Thunderbolts. It was very cool to follow s a group of former super villains and see them developed further and into heroes. Formerly known as Goliath, Erik Josten went on to become a hero as part as the Thunderbolts.

    The run was great and Atlas's character development was something I liked seeing. Another Thunderbolts run would be very cool.

  • Wonder man is underrated. He was originally created and hyped up as Thor's equal back in early Avengers comics. He did sadly suffer a bit from jobbing but he still pulls off cool things time to time.