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Top 10 DC Comics Characters

My Personal Top 10 Ranking

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  • A tragic vigilante with insane discipline, willpower and focus.

  • The greatest assassin around, a brilliant strategist and a daunting challenge to not only Batman, the Teen Titans or Green Arrow, but the entire Justice League.

  • The personification of justice and heroism.

  • A mastermind with a tragic backstory, with major trust issues when it comes to aliens.

  • A character that parallels the Batman in many ways, that being his tragic upbringing, peak physical conditioning, and strategic mindset.

  • Another tragic character, very relatable and with some of the best lore in the DC Universe.

  • A soldier trying to do the right thing, with willpower that cannot be taken.

  • A psychopath who pushes a major character trait of the Batman to it's limits, that being Bruce's moral code.

  • The antithesis to The Flash, a character destined to be evil, a character you can't get rid of.

  • The ultimate big bad, one who's presence is always potent.