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Star Wars Movies - Ranked

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  • The peak of Star Wars. This film was the culmination of arguably all that had come before it (originals included). It's well paced and emotionally gripping towards the end. The Clone Wars series has only added to the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker.

  • A fun movie that did a brilliant job of establishing it's universe, with charismatic characters, a badass villain and subtle lore hints that makes every viewer want more.

  • The most acclaimed SW film. It does a great job of fleshing out already established characters and provides one of the greatest character journeys in cinema - that being Luke Skywalker's. With the journey's ultimatum being Luke's epic confrontation with Vader and one of the best plot twists of all time.

  • An epic conclusion to one of my favorite trilogies of all time. Although the Endor part was dragged out too much, the film ultimately grabbed your attention again by the beginning of the third act, and graced us with an epic spaceship battle, the conclusion of Anakin's character arc and an epic Lightsaber battle to precede it that marks the end of Luke's story.

  • This film didn't have the strongest protagonist but it was a fun watch and did no damage to the Star Wars lore. It did grace us with some solid side characters though like the Droid and Donnie Yen's character. The highlight would have to be the Epic scenes with Darth Vader though.

  • Pretty underwhelming, a fun watch though. The cast were all pretty solid and I was hyped at Maul's return on the big screen. My major complaints would be the origins of the characters in the film, for example the Solo name being taken from a random Stormtrooper and Han beating Chewbacca at some random prison? Not the smartest move.

  • Extremely slow film, pod racing arc was uselessly prolonged and boring. Jar Jar Binks isn't the greatest character, majority of characters are stale. However Darth Maul was fantastic and the final Lightsaber Battle is an undeniable 10/10.

  • A film with a lot of potential, setting up the Clone Wars and focusing on more of Anakin's character relationships would have been a smart move. Instead this film is a poor attempt at a romantic film that you can't help but constantly cringe at.

    Just a note for Ep 1 / Ep 2: I have put these above the Sequels though I'll have to admit the Sequels are better crafted films, and are somewhat watchable when you ignore SW lore. However, I'm ranking the films as Star Wars Movies, and the magnitude of damage caused by the Sequels is too much for them not to be last.

  • The best Sequel but still a bad Star Wars Movie. Finn was rendered completely useless and his "secret" was concealed for LITERALLY the entire movie. The return of Palpatine is quite the insult to the legacy of the Chosen One - Anakin Skywalker and really damages the Star Wars lore. Rey's inexplicable power and the addition of random new force abilities just makes you wish this movie did not exist.

    As always, Kylo Ren was the best part of the film.

  • The return of Star Wars did not have to be a bad thing, but it was simply because of a lack of originality. A fresh, new story or even an adaption from another time era would have been fantastic. The entire premise for this film is just bad, the OG characters like Han have regressed completely, the majority of characters in the film are copy and pastes, the premise for Kylo Ren being a Sith Lord is just ridiculous, though I guess this is more of a fault to TLJ (I'm criticizing Luke, not Kylo).

  • This film really messed things up, while at first the Sequels were heading to be a regression of the OG trilogy's legacy, an insult to the Chosen One prophecy and a copy paste of the OG trilogy this film tried to switch things up and created more ruin. Snoke was wasted, Luke attempting to kill Kylo Ren, simply because a vision despite his experience with Darth Vader - a commander of the Empire who has killed Millions, has killed Children and tons of Jedi - is frankly pathetic. Finn is useless here and his romantic relationship with Rose is unnecessary, retconned later and difficult to digest. The strong feminist agenda in the film doesn't help either, nor does the cheap choreography.