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Marvel Netflix Shows - Ranked

My Ranking of the Shows

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  • Charlie Cox made Daredevil my 2nd favorite Marvel Hero, his performance was just fantastic. The castings were superb overall - from Foggy Nelson to Frank Castle to Wilson Fisk. Actor chemistry is on point, action scenes are some of the best on TV in general. The cinematography is exquisite and the overall plot was always good even if it felt a little slow at times.

  • Started off slow but got much better, the Frank / Russo relationship was handled brilliantly, Bernthal nailed it as usual, the action was fantastic and the character interactions were always entertaining.

  • I can see why Defenders isn't appreciated, the Hand were pretty lame if I'm honest. Though the actor chemistry / character interactions were what made me enjoy the series.

  • S1 gave us Cottonmouth, one of the greatest CBTV characters. But it also wasted him in exchange for an extremely generic but safer story. S2 was a lot better, the plot was tightly packed (towards the end) and Bushmaster was fantastic.

  • Solid first season, abysmal latter 2 seasons.

  • A big flop, the action sequences were extremely underwhelming (though S2 was an improvement), the villains ranged from bad to mediocre (with Davos being mediocre). The side characters are bland and the casting decisions are questionable at best.