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Shazam (DCEU) Respect Thread

DCEU Shazam (Billy Batson) Respect Thread

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Billy Batson is a teen who had trouble settling with a family, he ran from multiple of his previous foster homes but manages to form a strong bond with the group of people that take him in, in the film. When chosen by Shazam (an old Wizard) to imbued with his Powers, Batson accepts and is granted with a list of powers.

  • Wisdom of Solomon
  • Strength of Hercules
  • Stamina of Atlas
  • Power of Zeus
  • Courage of Achilles
  • Speed of Mercury

Feats from the Shazam Family are included, it's only logical he scales to their feats. Considering their powers are just individual components of the Gods that make up SHAZAM, Billy himself is a combination of all the family's abilities.

However, for ease of access I'll highlight/bold any feats that are from family members


You have Super Strength!


Before this gets really stupid for you, you should know that I'm basically invincible.

Speed / Flight

You have Hyper Speed!


The only thing that extinguishes Magic... is Magic.

Thanks for Reading!

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