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Respect Grogu (The Mandalorian) - Baby Yoda Respect Thread [Season 2 Edition]

Respect Grogu, Baby Yoda: (Season 2 Edition)

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"What is that thing?"

"I keep it around for luck."

"The Child" otherwise known as Baby Yoda, now confirmed to be named "Grogu" is a male force sensitive belonging to the same species as Yoda. It was confirmed that Grogu was wanted by the Galactic Empire because they were trying to clone force sensitives via the midichlorians within Grogu's blood.

Power & Abilities

  • Force Sensitive: Baby Yoda has a strong connection to the force displaying great feats of telekinesis, create force barriers, the ability to cure poisons and heal people
  • Extended Lifespan: Baby Yoda's specifies appears to have an extended lifespan. The child is supposedly just over 50 years old but still only in its species' infancy.

This RT will only focus on Season 2 feats - For Season 1 feats head to ->


  • Baby Yoda is able to stash an egg for snack time under the strict observations of Frog Lady and a Mandalorian (Chapter 10: The Passenger)
  • Grogu uses his force abilities to steal cookies from mean girl (Chapter 12: The Siege)


  • The Child tanks high volts of electricity (Chapter 12: The Siege)

Force Abilities:

He was raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Many Masters trained him over the years. At the end of the Clone Wars when the Empire rose to power, he was hidden. Someone took him from the Temple

Ashoka Tano, Chapter 13: The Jedi

Grogu has been trained by many Jedi masters in the ways of the force.


  • Baby Yoda uses the force to unscrew his favorite toy off a leaver (Chapter 13: The Jedi)
  • Plays force catch with Mando (Chapter 13: The Jedi)
  • Destroys two stormtroopers with the force (Chapter 15: The Believer)


  • Grogu and Ashoka are able to read each other's thoughts (Chapter 13: The Jedi)

Mando: Is he speaking? Do you understand him?

Ashoka : In a way. Grogu and I can feel each other’s thoughts.

Mando: Grogu?

Other Force Voodoo Stuff:

  • Baby Yoda senses the presence of Luke Skywalker (Chapter 16: The Rescue)
  • The Child makes some barrier which Mando can't pass through while doing his meditation. The feedback is enough to leave him stunned for a bit despite his beskar armor [He was likely amped for this feat due to being on a force nexus] (Chapter 14: The Tragedy)


Baby Yoda is easily one of the most powerful force users by live action feats only despite his maturity and has the potential to become one of the most powerful.

For Season 1 feats head to ->